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WordPress Website Maintenance and Support

  • 29.06.2017
  • Web Development

WordPress Website Maintenance and Support

Website Maintenance

Setting up a WordPress website or Blog is easy right? With so much published on the internet on the ease of use and popularity of creating a WordPress website in just 15 minutes ( I kid you not, I actually read that!) WordPress seems like the easiest and best! Website Maintenance

But what happens after you have created this stellar website or corporate blog and you become entangled in the technical mambo jumbo of running your enterprise on the web?

Wordpress Website maintenance ZaproWe Maintain Your WordPress Investment

Yes, Zapro digital takes your internet investments as seriously as you do. Is it worth investing in a agency to manage your site and, in many cases, do work that you could easily do yourself?

Our simple answer is Yes. Again. If you’re busy running your own business, things like custom development can be easily ignored. Why not trust the experts with important tasks like managing security and backups, and optimizing performance without taking on the technical hassle yourself.

WordPress website maintenance agencies typically offer some or all of the following services:

Custom Development

including small tweaks and larger more complex design changes to make your website and corporate blog stand apart from the crowd. Sometimes you need that extra mobile application or database development to suit your enterprise.

Updates WordPress Core Themes, & Plugins

Ever updated WordPress, a theme, or a plugin and found out something broke? Agencies specializing in WordPress can help you to safely update WordPress core, plugins, and themes. In most cases, agencies also support upgrade compatibility to ensure your site stays online.

Backups & Security

A site is only as current as its latest backup. On-site or off-site, choose a backup for your WordPress website on a schedule that’s right for you. Most WordPress service providers also offer WordPress web hosting solution that includes the backup and malware monitoring for your safety and security needs.

Website maintenance with Backup and Security - Zapro

Performance Optimization & Website Monitoring

Arguably, the most essential tool for your website could be a team that specialize in website optimization such as SEO and content marketing to get you noticed on the world wide web.

When choosing an agency for your WordPress technicalities, don’t wait until the site is broken before you call for help. Zapro offers more than just the technical know-how about website maintenance.

With our expert consultancy and advice, Zapro digital Web Design And Development Agency can assist you from the inception to completion of your website project or corporate blog. Taking it from creation to enterprise solution through the use of database development and even customer portals or e-commerce. With everything in between including your web design, branding, digital publishing to make it look good.

WordPress powers almost 27 percent of the entire internet. So why not choose a content management system that works. We do.