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Law Firm Website: 5 Reasons Why SEO is Important for Digital Presence

  • 13.Sep.2017
  • Strategic Consulting

Why SEO for Law Firms Websites?

There is a buzz in the news right now and it’s the word optimizing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to be exact. We are seeing it everywhere with taglines such as “Improve your performance”, “Increase ROI” and some companies even offer Free signups with money back guarantees. Please don’t get me wrong, optimization is essential for everyone to compete in the dense digital space today.
But instead of selling you a “No risk” fool-proof solution we would rather elaborate a bit more on the essentials aspects of website optimization and why this is important to your law firm today.

Why SEO for Law Firms Websites

Essential Aspects of Search Engine Optimization

1. The Google aspect: What search engines are looking for (SEO)

Google is emphasizing relevancy in SEO. In other words, ranking of websites are based on how relevant the website’s entire framework is to what users are searching for. Let us have a look on what this includes:

Content. The text contained within your website should be relevant and informative. Accordingly, titles and descriptions of pages in your website should also be concise and clear.
Performance. Furthermore, performance relates to the speed of your site and how well it works.
Authority. Are you an authoritative website? If not, do you have enough reference and links to other authoritative sources on the web?
User Experience: In addition, relevance measures ease of use, navigational structure, safety, visual impact and the bounce rate (clicks, page visits and page views).

2. Over half of website traffic is mobile

Web analytic firm Stat Counter said earlier this year that global mobile and tablet browsing has surpassed that of the desktop in 2016. With mobile and tablet use accounting for 51.3% versus the desktop’s 48.7%. Source:
Why should your website be mobile friendly? Well apart from the obvious fact that your potential customer will probably search for your service using a mobile phone, the desktop version of a site might be difficult to view and use on a mobile device. Users may find this frustrating and will probably abandon your website. Something you do not want them to do.

In addition to the improved user experience, Google does generally give preference to mobile-friendly sites in search pages, thus improving your SEO.

Essential Aspects of Search Engine Optimization

3. Focus your brand on being social

Social media engagement is also a very important factor which can improve your law firm website’s popularity. The expense you spend on social media can be relatively low compared to the traditional advertising counterpart. If done consistently, your social media reach can create a visible strong brand presence. Correspondingly, consider branching out into various social media platforms and target an audience for each to optimize your exposure on the web.

4. Content is King

As a rule, content curation is a strategic plan intended to attract your target audience and build your brand. Valuable, relevant and consistent content can help web page visibility and in return achieve a higher ranking in search engine pages. The other objective of creating valuable content is to engage your reader and achieve profitable customer action. A blog on your website is a great way to attract readers to your website as well.

5. Engage with influencers

Generally speaking, creating partnerships with influencers in the market can also prove a smart marketing campaign and aid in search engine optimization. By association, key leader endorsements and even subscriptions allow for simpler targeted marketing to a wider audience at a lower cost as well.

A good example of an influencer to that may promote your law firm’s website is a law directory. This website lists your details for a small fee where customers can find you. To find out more about this option contact us.

In conclusion

It’s almost possible that we do not have to tell you that the SEO tips above will increase the amount of visitor’s to your law firm’s website. I think that is quite clear.What we do want you to know however is that we can help take the SEO out of your hands so you may focus on the more important stuff – like serving your clients by using organic search services. Zapro digital has helped quite a few law firms to create a website with high visibility, excellent conversion rates and stunning visual appeal. Should you wish to give our services a try, contact us today!

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