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Website Responsive: Why Websites Look Different On Different Browsers?

Should Your Website Be IE, Firefox or Google Chrome Responsive?

Website responsive: A website is just a set of instructions describing how a site should look. Different browsers and devices use different rendering engines and therefore may result in minor differences. Sometimes these minor differences can have a domino effect. For example, a 1% difference in rendering of a font size can cause text to overflow to the next line. This could be disastrous!

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Not All Browsers Are Made Equal

With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, responsive websites are more important than ever. Test your website carefully on a number of different tablets as well as smartphones and desktop computers for compatibility.
Especially when the site is large with a variety of layouts and content. A good solution would be to check the specificities of each browser. Check if the display is correct and make the necessary adjustments to your code.

Website Responsive

A skilled website developer should be familiar with most common browser compatibility issues. Outdated browser versions which don’t support the latest standards completely could also cause certain compatibility issues.Website Responsive

Which Browsers Should Be Supported?

As with most things, we recommend a middle way. It can be difficult to decide exactly which browsers to support and ignore. So let’s take a look at this in more detail:

Chrome & Firefox

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers support the latest website coding standards. Theses browsers automatically update the time. They also prompt users to upgrade to newer versions, ensuring they always stay up to date.

Supremely compatible with most mainstream CMS web development and other web builder platforms, these browsers are almost always trouble free.

Internet Explorer & Safari

Fortunately, IE 7, 8 and 9 make a better job dealing with CSS. Also, Microsoft publicly said that they have stopped supporting the infamous IE6). Most design bugs that you find between the browsers are not as dramatic.Website Responsive

Mac Safari users may occasionally experience issues where the web browser becomes unresponsive for an extended period of time. Fortunately, most safari issues appear to be on the client’s side.
Simple solutions such as clearing the cache and browser history works. Also, advise your users to disable safari plug-ins. Adobe Flash Player is a classic example of a browser plug-in that can cause excess resource use.

Testing 1 – 2 – 3

Before you “go live” with your website, preview your pages in as many web browsers as possible.  If you do not have all available browsers installed on your computer,  you have nothing to fear. Online simulated services are available for testing your website. This makes it possible for you view your website on different web browsers simulated on different operating systems.

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Ask Your Zapro Website Developer Today!

Lastly, it’s worth a mention that the Zapro team can assist you with these issues. Zapro Digital is a web design and development agency Uk always striving to push the limits of graphic design, animation, web, and mobile applications. We are passionate, creative and commercial.
From design to development, we always take care of our customers’ needs with quality measures.Website Responsive