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How To Optimize & Speed Up Your Website – Simple Questions Answered In A Simple Manner

Website Optimization

So you are interested in improving the overall speed and performance of your website?  How to do this without having to first become a web developer?  Would you not appreciate it if we can speak your language? Website optimization

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At the start of this article, I scoured the web to find out what other people had to say. At first, I am a little stumped by the technicality of it all, I found many greatly written references. Website optimization

Nevertheless, here follows the non-developers opinion on optimizing and speeding up your WordPress website, and we have asked the questions that matter.

Is it Possible to Have fast Loading Pages with Graphics?

As most of us know, a visually intensive page can take longer to load because of the size of images and audiovisual content. Similarly, the good news is that you do not need to compromise on great graphics that have taken you so much time to create.

You can incorporate visual Website Optimization tools to ensure your website looks good and performs well.  These include:

  • Efficient implementation of your website’s theme. Many agencies employ premium themes which offer absolutely every feature. This tends to load way too many scripts and styles unnecessarily.

On the whole, when a theme is tailored to deliver content that is relevant and fast without too many bells and whistles, you know you have a winner!

  • Image compression could make them smaller by 30% – 80% without noticeably affecting the quality. A clever way to reduce image size is to employ image optimization tools for Website Optimization which resize images automatically. This will ensure you do not waste any valuable loading time on your visual performance.
  • Lazy loading images can be a powerful tool to make your site seem faster. On the long run, this can be achieved with a lightweight and flexible script which allows you to enhance the performance of your website by loading images only as they enter (or are about to enter) the viewport or a scrollable area.
  • With this in mind consider investing in the value of a CDN. The idea behind a CDN (Content Deliver Network) is to place requested resources geographically closer to you. Likewise, this also will allow you to host images off-server and that decreases image load times.

Is your Web Page Caching Enabled & will it Help?

Overall, Caching is probably the number one method to use because it can lead to the most drastic improvements on the speed of your pages. A cache is a temporary storage area. For example, the files you automatically request by looking at a Web page are stored on your hard disk. This is in a cache subdirectory under the directory for your browser. Thus ensuring that future requests are served faster for that data. An essential tool, simple to enable and efficient in its application.

What about Managed WordPress Hosting?

You might be asking how important is hosting of your website?  Well, in our experience, the presence of your site on the web is only as good as the hosting provider.  As a rule, our advice would be to choose a good host. Many agencies specializing in website design and development provide hosting services, many times included in the overall package. In most cases, dedicated WordPress developers also invest wisely in dedicated servers.

The Technical Stuff: Core Technologies and Plugins

On the technical side, the developers here also consider these aspects as important contributing factors on maintenance of great performance of your website:

  1. Update PHP and CMS. The essential coding ingredient PHP is the stuff your website is made of. Therefore, it is only as good as the latest version of its existence on the CMS platform. That is allowing for code improvements and a more streamlined performance in database structures. Consequently, queries will be faster, translating to a speed increase over time.
  1. Plugins: For better or for worse? Plugins can add many benefits and functionality to your website with their own styles and scripts. Our last caution is this: Consider cutting back on plugins that affect the front-end of your website. Use plugins for their essential purpose and purge unnecessary or outdated plugins from your system.

Are you Entrusting your Website to the Experts?

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Perhaps we, being an Best SEO services company in London, can assist you not only in the creation and hosting of your website, but we can also maintain and support your interest in the continued development and growth of your site, be it personal or commercial through our website optimization services.

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