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Website hosting considerations for Law Firms

  • 14.Sep.2017
  • Strategic Consulting

Website Hosting Selection for Law Firms

Having a web presence today is critical to reach your potential customers. A successful website can help you market your services and build a reputation in the law community. Part of that web presence is having your website with the right website hosting provider.

What is web hosting? These are companies which provide the technologies and services in order for your law firm’s website to be available on the Internet.

What do you require? You must have a domain name in order to host a website. Fortunately many hosting companies’ help their client’s register a domain name. Also, in most cases website hosting package include domain name registration.

A good website hosting service provider can assist your law firm to flourish, attract new clients, and grow in reputation. On the downside however, a poor website hosting provider can cost you money, time, reputation, and potential business.

Website Hosting Selection for Law Firms

Selecting the Right Website Hosting Provider

There are many issues to consider as you go about selecting the right host for your law firm’s website.

Here are a few tried-and-tested factors for your law firm’s continued success.


At the top of our list, affordability just makes sense. Look for additional benefits which may include free customer management or web publishing software. WordPress for example offer incredibly useful and powerful pieces of server-based software that adds instant functionality to your website.

Content management systems with template driven designs can also prove affordable and easy to use.


As the objective is to choose a hosting package that suits your needs, it is important to remember to leave room to grow. We recommend you find the right price for what your law firm currently needs, without being overly sparing. On the other hand however, you also don’t want to be paying for more than is necessary.  Pay for what you need and make sure that you will be able to upgrade for a fair price in the future.  The flexibility will be helpful down the line if, for example, you decide in the future that you want to add features to your website such as streaming videos, podcasts and eCommerce.

Backups and security

Data disasters happen sometimes that is not or fault.  That is why it is essential that you understand your website hosting provider perform regular back-ups and have a data protection plan.

Similarly, the last thing you want is a breach in security. Cyber-attacks and malware threats can cause your site to crash and compromise the information you’ve collected from your clients.

Security should be at top of your mind, ensure your communications are encrypted and your website is protected through tools such as firewalls and security patches.

Website hosting considerations for Law Firms

Additional services


Learn about the analytics your website provider can offer. Often tools can be found in content management systems such as WordPress which can help you tract visitor’s to your website, when where and how often. A valuable asset for a law firm’s marketing and content strategy.

Tech support

Nothing can be more frustrating that calling for help and there is no-one to assist you. Support is essential not only in the creation and setup phase of your law forms website, but also for the duration of its existence on the web.

Uptime Guarantee

You want your website to be running 24/7 so it makes sense that your hosting provider is functional and running at least 99.9% of the time. Many service providers make this claim, and again we can recommend that the most reputable companies often deliver on this promise the best.

The Zapro perspective

We put the collective expertise of the firm to work for every client we serve. Our team starts with a deep understanding of our clients’ objectives. We can assist your law firm to determine the type of website you want to create and provide the platform to build it – for example WordPress. Let us take the pain out of finding the right hosting provider for you. We offer domain name registration and hosting at the best price with the most benefits. Contact us today for a consultation.  Website hosting!

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