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Web Development Process: Web Design Vs User Experience

What is the Difference between Web Development and Web Design?

Generally speaking, web development looks after the functionality of a website whereas web design would relate more to a website’s visual appeal. The look and feel of your pages, its identity; the brand.

In essence, Web development is a broad term and may include all tasks related to the creative process from inception to completion.

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The Web Development Process

Like the traditional software development process, the web development life-cycle divides the tasks necessary to create a successful user experience into different steps. Many different approaches exist depending on a certain web development service providers. Because every agency has their own frameworks, methodologies, and languages.

What we know for certain is that after a web development team has analyzed and gathered the user requirements, the design phase normally ensues. On the whole, this is where the web design and user interface design is established. Many other factors include the final definition of the user experience. Essentially this involves the specific type of business, whether an online store is required and if files will be made available for download. This process is then usually followed by the writing of the content, the coding of the website, testing and final implementation.

User Experience Design

User Experience Design is the process of development and improvement of quality interaction between a user and all facets of a company ~

In general, user interface design really entails all the factors that contribute towards making the user experience on your web page as smooth as possible. Add buttons and hyperlinks to your pages to indicate clearly to the visitor are which steps to follow to complete tasks. For example online purchases. Also the objective here would be to facilitate the easiest route for user’s to get from one point to the next. Another would be to make instructions simple, clear and easy to follow.

How can you Create a Fantastic User Experience?

Be the User

In particular, view your website’s objectives from the customer’s perspective.  Focus on the needs of your users and make them the central point of the design process.

Simplicity is Key

A clear and consistent visual hierarchy ensures visitors to your website will find it easy to use and user-friendly. Keep instructions simple to understand by incorporating flowchart type graphics and Q&A pages.

Keep the Content Authentic

Many websites are predictable in terms of content and structure. Mix things up a little and use your own authentic writing style to generate content which is fresh and engages your consumers.

Stay Technically Sound

Make sure the way your website works, works!  Visit your website the way your consumers would, and make sure buttons and features work as they are intended. Avoid long loading times and make it easy to share to social media.

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In Conclusion

Providers of website design services know and understand that the point of view of users is unique. It is difficult to say the one aspect of a website is more important than the other. In the end, the web design and user experience is neck-to-neck in importance for a truly favorable result. Created in synergy with each other, they both contribute equally to what is most important. Getting customers to interact with your business online. Interested in more Web topics? The Power of Optimization: OnPage SEO Checklist of 2018