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How to Design a Website? Web Design Concepts, Trends and First Steps

Web Design Concepts from the Experts: The Zapro Perspective

“Every work of art, from the Sistine Chapel to the Golden Gate Bridge to the King James Bible, is founded on a concept. A diet should have a concept. An invasion of a foreign country should have a concept. A salad should have a concept.” Steven Pressfield. Similar to that a profession website should have some good web design concepts to compete in today’s innovative world.

With a wealth of websites in our portfolio, Zapro Digital most certainly stands out as a leader in web design services London. What makes our work and ideas so good? We believe that the synergy of striking visual appeal together with amazing content and apt technical skill makes for a winning web strategy when it comes to creating stunning websites for all sorts of clients. Today we would like to share our toolbox of web design concepts and strategies with you.

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Master the Medium, and then Master the Tools

Before you can master design, you must first master the fundamentals. Meaning get past the website design basics. This is something someone told me a while ago, and today I feel it is an apt description of how web designers can challenge and excel themselves. I do consider web design a fine art – a balance between being an artist and a technical specialist. A thorough understanding of web technologies is an absolute requirement for any designer worth their salt. And this means a full grasp on web design concepts by implication. Simply because they must know things like image resolution, size, meta tags etc. And then comes the wireframes, mockups, and prototyping. The tools of the trade which will discern a master designer for sure. Tools no designer can go without.

Concept Boards Keep Projects Fresh

It may sound obvious (remember this is not about the website design basics)but the start of the creative process, of course, getting your ideas on paper. A concept board is a great way to keep every idea about your stunning website project in one place. And for us visual people, the only way to portray web design concepts for sure. There are many digital solutions for this very reason and surely every good web designer has an arsenal of design tools and stock imaging in their libraries.

It is a good idea to have details of all areas of any website project in one place, fully developed with decisions finalized.

A Call for Color

What draws a person or graphic designer to choose specific color combinations for a website color or web design? Web designers are creatively inspired beings. As a result, it is up to their imaginative impulses and thought processes which determine the outcome of a design. Read our opinion on color combinations and color trends in the web industry to add to your web design concepts library of course.

Website Trends 2017 and Further Investigation

A few we would love to share with you for some additional inspiration. In the web collective awwwards there are those who recognize the most stunning websites with honorable mentions. Complete with website of the day, week, month and year.  Another inspirational find of ours is of course with their interpretation 20 Website Concepts with Stunning Full Page Designs. Worth a look indeed. And here is our list of the top 5 graphic design trends we are seeing so far this year for an inspirational finale on website trends 2017.


And then the First Step is Last: Be Creative!

In conclusion- is the internet not a web of life? Perhaps the concept of Web Life proposes that the world wide web is an evolving entity worthy to be called life. Why else would we create such beautiful websites? When all else is said, stay creative people! Let us meet again at the junction where technology and art collide.