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App Development: Get Ready For Trending Java 9

Get Ready For Java 9

Java 9 is creating a buzz in the news with it’s countdown to JDK 9. While the internet is raging in debates, Oracle has released documentation to wet everyone’s appetite. The upcoming release, planned for July 2017 introduces an updated modular system to the Java platform.

If you like us, use the Java programming language, herewith a few need-to-knows to look forward to:

View the presentation by Java Architect Alan Bateman from the last JavaOne conference. Titled ‘Prepare for JDK 9’, it explains, in particular, the deprecation process, encapsulation, and unsupported APIs. Highly recommended because he also shows how to test your code and more. 

View presentation on YouTube

Java 9 Zapro

Moving To A Plugin-Free Web

Oracle informed Java developers on their Blog that soon they won’t have a browser to run applets. It is most important for developers to find alternative solutions if they still have Java applets running in production. Firefox is going to stop supporting them soon.

In essence, this post describes the JEP 289: Deprecate the Applet API status as “Completed. “As a result, several classes including Applet, JApplet, and others will no longer be supported. The applet viewer utility is also to be marked as “deprecated” when JDK 9 will be made generally available.

Read the article Moving to a Plugin-Free Web

More background and information about different migration options can be found in this: Short whitepaper from Oracle

Sneak Preview: Function & Forms Of Java 9

How can you start using one of the coolest features of Java 9 immediately?

Lucky for us some mobile application developers out there have already started using and writing about the new features and uses of JDK 9. One of the most insightful articles written recently gives a very nice description with examples. Definitely worth a read.

Java 9 Features with Examples

Interested? SDK 9 Release Notes & Further Reading

I suppose this brings us back to where we started. Oracle – the source. As the latest and most trusted reference for What’s New in Oracle JDK 9. 
You have to add this to your reading list.

Java Platform, Standard Edition – Release 9

Java 9 Zapro

Wish To Try It For Yourself?

Available for download here: Java 9 early access

In conclusion, we aim to bring you the latest technology news at least once a week. Java 9 has buzzed around the technology circles for a while, both positively and negatively. In addition, we hope this roundup gives you the insight and resources to get on the java bandwagon again. It appears as if it might be worthwhile.

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