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Traffic Campaign: Social Marketing Vs Organic Outreach

  • 26.Oct.2017
  • Digital Optimization

SEO and social marketing (SMM) are like pizza and cheese, you can have them separately as well, but would you like to do so? I am betting that you wouldn’t like to miss this combination; likewise, SEO and SMM go hand in hand for achieving the growth goals of a business.

SEO + SMM = Business Growth

SEO revolves around techniques that are intended to tap the potential of the organic outreach. The Google Search Engine updates over the last few years have made content marketing an important part of the SEO tactics. Therein lays the magic formula for creating the perfect mix for business growth: SEO + SMM. Social media marketing helps to tap the unrealized potential of your precious content in unexpected ways.

I have been studying the effects of social media marketing on SEO to investigate whether SEO is impacted by Social Media marketing or not. Here are my findings:

1. SMM signal don’t have a bearing on a website’s rankings.

2. SEO efforts become ineffective without complementing them with social media channels.

When you share content on SMM channels, you not get engagement with your audience but you also get visitors to your website. Social Marketing indirectly has an effect on website’s performance.

Social Media Marketing Delivering Clicks to Your Website

After analyzing the Twitter and Facebook analytics data of our own online marketing clients at Zapro, it became clear to me that users on the social media mostly like to ‘Like’ or share the content as compared to clicking on the content. You need to focus on your SMM Analytics to get an idea about the nature of the posts that drive more clicks. You need to focus on those Social Media posts that are not only driving engagement but are also delivering clicks. At the very least, you could do yourself a favor by including your website links in your social media posts. I bet you would have at times forgotten to include links in your social media posts so it’s time to kick that habit.

How Many Interactions are Required for Getting One Click on the Social Media Posts

It’s very important to attract the ‘right’ crowd to your social media channels and you should be doing this by aligning your efforts with your content marketing strategy. The ‘Personas’ that you are targeting would help attract the right crowd to your social channels.

Once this is out of the way, it’s very important to get an idea about the number of interactions that your followers make for clicking a link. According to the research that I have made this comes out between 40-80 interactions per click for the top SEO and top SMM social profiles. The wide range tells us about the relevance of the followers on a particular social channel.

Build the Right Audience for Your Social Marketing Channels

Given the analysis above it is important to attract the right crowd to your social channels. The number of followers that you have on social platforms amounts to nothing if they are not interested in what you are offering. That’s why it’s important to connect with the right people who are interested in what you are offering. This can be obtained using relevant hashtags on your social channels. This targeted audience will help you to spread your message around.

Social Media Helps in Getting More Referral Domains

According to my analysis of the top social media and SEO websites, it became clear to me that the social media helps in getting your content in front of a large audience. This increases the number of brand mentions for your website, which in turn leads to more referring domains for your website. This ,as we all know, has a very significant impact on the organic outreach of your website.

The Verdict

SEO and SMM, the pizza and cheese that they are, complement each other very nicely. The engagement that’s generated through the social media helps to drive more referral traffic to the websites and it also helps in generating those all important backlinks. It’s of paramount importance that you get help of a Social marketing expert provider that can help you in utilising this connection.

So buckle up and get cracking on Social media to bolster your SEO efforts.

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