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Content Creators Views: Topics Vs. Keywords Based Content

  • 15.11.2017
  • Strategic Consulting

Content Creators Views: Topics Vs. Keywords Based Content

Why Do You Need to Revolve Around Topics?

Starting with an old famous digital marketing phrase ‘Content is King’… content used to be the king to attract, persuade and convert for a good long era. With technological innovation and algorithmic updates, search engine made that ordinary content to be ‘King Content’ while transforming the online marketing proverb as ‘King Content is King’. The purpose was to provide quality material to search users. However, the process did not stop here; 2017 came up with the buzz of topics in the digital world.

Search analysts and search engine optimization companies started sharing their views in accordance with the bang of topics in 2017. We decided to take opinion of a content creator, Jennifer Connell, on how topics and keywords affect content quality. She highlighted the following in terms of producing quality content.

Use Interesting and Relevant Topics

As per her opinion, a good piece of writing starts with a topic as topics are very much like headlines in the local newspaper. Topics must be interesting because of the reason that they attract readers’ attention. Topics should also be relevant enough to make people read your posts. A good content creator is the one who demonstrates a complete picture through his post headline.

Align your Content around Keywords

Your writing must revolve around your keywords as they serve as the doorway to your readers. Jennifer does not consider herself as an SEO expert but she believes that content based on semantically connected keywords helps better rankings. The main challenge is to align content around the keywords in a manner that they don’t make readers lose their interest.

Ranking is the form of art as well as a science, Jennifer says.

We write for corporate blogs as well as the websites while using keywords so delicately that they are almost unseen. The purpose is to make them “caught in the net” so to speak and explain when people search for certain queries.

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Retain User’s Attention in Your Writing

Jennifer mentions that you need to maintain user’s attention throughout your story by being original, creative and authentic. Important is to know your objective and to endorse content with credibility that is relevant and of course entertaining. The core element of producing quality content is telling a complete story because people like stories. A good trick is to involve them into your story by using communicative speech, she highlights.

Use Persuasive Speech 

The major purpose of writing in digital world is to convert your readers into real time customers. As per Jennifer, converting readers into your clients or service users is a continuous process and a challenge for every content creator. It starts from your topics and it is not a matter of one writing piece; it is a combination of quality, trust and excellence.

She says that it is important to instill a sense of trust with our users so they have the confidence to become our customers. Another important aspect is the ability to offer products and services that provides a unique value to the consumers we are trying to reach. Convince them that ‘you are the best’!

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Staying Consistent

Being consistent throughout the process is the key to stay on top of other thousands of writers.

However, for Jennifer, being on top is not the objective but writing effortlessly with a consistency to influence her readers is what makes her feel good. She believes in continued drive towards the goals and suggests the same as the key to producing quality content. Consistency helps in converting your readers into real time customers.

Furthermore, she mentions that she writes for people and is passionate about writing excellent things around since her childhood. She says, “I can’t write to please everyone, but someone, somewhere will be touched if I put my heart into it.”

In Conclusion

Producing quality content should be your heart but following search engine’s rules would surely lead you to your treasure i.e. gaining new users. So far, digital world has seen the content evolution from ‘Content is King’ to ‘King Content is King’ which is further predicted to be as ‘Topics are the King’.

However, keywords incorporation would still have the same importance but content based on topics would help better rankings due to the reason of users using conversational queries in their searches.

From now and onwards…

Your way to your audience would start from your topics to your content organized against your keywords!