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10 Reasons Why your Law Firm Needs Online Presence

  • 19.Sep.2017
  • Strategic Consulting

Importance of Online Presence for Law Firms Websites

Increasing competition for clients and the commodification of legal services has increased significantly in the last few years. Thus making it more important for law firms to stand out from the crowd and be seen via online presence.
Very simply put: it is virtually impossible to be known and found by the very customers you would like to attract without engaging in an online endeavor. Even worse, if you do not have professional online presence, your customers might opt for the next law firm. We might even go as far to say that it is better to not have a website at all, than a poorly constructed online identity with bad content and not enough information.

Importance of Online Presence for Law Firms Websites - Zapro Digital

10 Reasons Why An Online Presence Is Essential For Your Business

That is not to say that you shouldn’t have a website. Because that is what this very post is about! We would like to reiterate here the 10 reasons why an online presence is essential for your business’ survival on the web.

1. Your online presence helps you promote confidence and trust

Within the first minute of visiting your website customers will decide to leave or stay and investigate further. Making a first impression is essential to gain the trust of our audience.

2. Increased business relationships

Building strong relationships with clients will result in repeat business. A key element to your website and image is the ability to demonstrate to your clients that their satisfaction is important to you.

3. Generate new business

Probably something you already know and the purpose for all our efforts online. Highlight what makes you special, and gives new potential customers a way to search for you. Additionally, websites optimized for Google’s searches further help customers to connect with your unique brand.

4. Provide contact information

It is important have a way for existing and new customers to contact you. Include a Google map to pinpoint your exact location as well as a feedback form where customers may make inquiries or ask a question.

5. Improved communication and customer care

Maintaining a blog that portrays your thoughts and insights can help communications with you customers offering service excellence. A great way to maintain online presence through customer care is to add a FAQ section to your website as well.

Online Presence for Law Firms - Zapro Digital

6. A complement to your branding

Your website gives you the perfect opportunity to display your brand on a grand scale. Use striking visuals to illustrate your core values and strengthen your brand’s image within the consumers mind. Also remember that files you make available for download such as newsletters or white papers carries your brand beyond the web to consumers.

7. Leverage of the power of social media

Connecting with your audience through social media can drive business to your website. It is a wonderful way to promote your products and services without a significant financial investment. Furthermore, investing in various social media platforms assists to build brand loyalty and distribute content.

8. Analytics and measurement tools

Many website builders are equipped with reports and tools by which you can measure your traffic over a period of time. Valuable metrics you can use to analyze the pages your customers click on the most, what they like and how long they linger. Analytics for marketing improvements can drive your business forward a great deal.

9. An opportunity to showcase your talent

People want to know that they are dealing with other people. Showcase who you are, your team and their strengths. You can also include a portfolio of your work as well as testimonials from satisfied customers to underwrite how good you are.

10. The web has gone mobile. Have you?

A major contributing factor towards the need for a mobile compatible website is the fact that more than 50% of your customers will use a mobile device to search the web. Having a web presence not only means a website, but a mobile friendly website will most likely increase client engagement and time spent on your website.
In conclusion, NO law firm should feel it’s too late to join the digital revolution. Zapro digital offers solutions designed especially for law firms with all the above points in mind. In today’s difficult economic climate, the question you should ask yourself is: Is your website good enough?

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