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Top Guest Posting Techniques to Follow in 2018

  • 17.Oct.2017
  • Digital Optimization

Why is Guest Posting so Important?

There are many benefits to guest posting or guest blogging. This includes assisting you in gaining more traffic,  painting you as an expert in a specific niche and assisting you with building backlinks.

There is, of course, a process and certain techniques to follow if you want to have successful guest posts published in 2018.

And so the Great Search Begins…

Why is Guest Posting so important?

Search for Websites that Produce High-Quality Content

The websites you will be guest posting for need to produce high quality as it directly affects your reputation.

Websites with a Large Following are Always a Must.

Guest posting is a tool you use to gain a larger online presence. Posting on an unknown site then simply defeats the purpose.

Niche-specific websites will help you zone in on your target audience.

If you are running a motorcar business there would be no point in guest posting on a website or blog that specializes in fashion design. Your target audience will be nowhere to be found.

Garnering Attention from Influential People and Websites

Genuine engagement will be met with positive attention.

Engaging with influencers, websites and blogs on various social media platforms on a consistent basis is bound to get somebodies attention eventually. Although, if the engagement seems in genuine or lazy, it will have the opposite effect. This can also help you with building backlinks in general.

Broken Link Prospecting: the Age-Old Technique that Still Works.

The marketer Neil Patel sees that the age-old technique of prospecting broken links most definitely work for 2018.

Pitching Done the Right Way.

Luckily, if you have already established some sort of relationship, you may already have an upper hand.  Although, this does not mean that you can be lazy with your pitch. Make it immediately engaging, professional and remember to include alternative pitch ideas as well.

Writing an amazing guest post

Writing an Amazing Guest Post.

Create Niche-Specific Posts.

This is quite obvious. Stick to the niche of the website you are trying to guest post for-which is preferably within the same niche of your own business, blog or website.

Bad Grammar and Spelling will Get you Nowhere.

Polished posts are always likely to stand out. On the other hand, posts with lots of spelling and grammar mistakes just look unprofessional and untidy.

Engaging and Interesting Content is the Key.

You always need to spark interest and engagement in the reader. Use your creativity.

Make it Original- or Give It a Good Twist.

Chances are that if you’re guest blogging for a quality website, nearly all the great topics have been covered. Go to the website and try to see if you can come up with something that has not.

If this is an impossible task-then, by all means, write on a topic that has been done-but give it a good twist will you?

In Conclusion

If you want to begin building backlinks and creating an authoritative voice for yourself or your business then guest blogging, if done the right way, will definitely help. All you need is some patience, persistence, and creativity.  Of course, investing in our wonderful search optimization services always helps.

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