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Top 7 Big Data Trends to follow in 2018

  • 25.04.2018
  • Artificial Intelligence

Top 7 Big Data Trends to follow in 2018

The Importance of Keeping Up to Date with Data Trends

Data trends are important. This is because data on a large scale provides raw information. Any business or website can use this information for their own benefit.  Although, this is only the starting point regarding all the benefits that big data can provide.

According to SAS, it can help speed up decision making, reduce costs as well as create new products and services.

This means that keeping up with the following data trends can be very useful in growing your business.

Speed is Important in Business

The insights that can be gained from this data is incredibly helpful for companies. At the same time, faster production in all areas of business is always beneficial.

This means that companies and businesses will most likely continue to invest in databases that have fast and interactive SQL.

Prescriptive Information for the Best Results

Analytics that are prescriptive in nature can help any company take the best course of action. Furthermore, it saves the company’s time because then they do not have to develop their own prescriptions.

This mix of convenience and time- saving is sure to catch the attention of any business, company or corporation.

Security to Prevent Cyber-Attacks

Data analytics can assist with a company’s security such as the prediction and prevention of cyber-attacks.  This means that companies are investing in this area of data technology.

The Benefits of Machine Learning

Machine learning assists businesses in many ways. This includes improving spam detection as well as automating and simplifying data entries to name a small few.

Contexti, who specializes in Big Data Analytics, says, “in 2018, machine learning is said to become faster and smarter than ever before, while also making better predictions for the future”.

The Internet of Things and the Need for More Data Technology

The growth of IoT has resulted in the growth of data. This means many companies will need more data technology to handle and interpret data coming from these technologies.

Location, Location, Location

A lot of data that companies and businesses work with include location-based information. This is especially in terms of IoT.  Therefore, by investing in location analytics, companies will continue to use this to grow in a strategic and operational manner.

Intelligent Applications to Improve Service Quality

Many are also using big data to improve the intelligence of apps. This, with the help of analysis and feedback, can assist businesses with providing better services through these apps.

In Conclusion

These technologies are very useful in helping you grow your own business.  Understanding data trends will help you keep up with a technologically driven environment.   Keep up with these trends and invest in our digital optimization services!