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Top 5 Instagram Growth Hacking Tips that Drives Sales

  • 04.07.2018
  • Strategic Consulting

Top 5 Instagram Growth Hacking Tips that Drives Sales

Instagram: A Simple, Fun and Creative Way to Promote Your Business.

In this article, we’ll look at 5 of the most effective strategies and growth hacks in order for you to drive sales towards your product or service.

During the past couple of years, social media has transitioned from a social platform into the leading marketing method. Amongst the most used social media platforms, you’ll find Instagram. Instagram is currently one of the most used tools by digital marketing agencies.



1. Don’t Forget the Growth Hacking Hash Tag

Adding hashtags to your posts allows them to reach a wider audience. Hashtags act as a type of SEO tool on Instagram. By adding the right hashtags you allow your post to appear amongst client’s search results. The hashtag is used to indicate what the post is all about. A simple example is #WeightLossTips, by adding that hashtag to your post about health food, all users looking for a new healthier lifestyle will stumble upon your page.

2. Invest in an Attention-Grabbing Theme

An Instagram page that promotes a product or service is still a business. Make sure you use the same colour scheme for posts. When selling products use the same background for all photos. This allows people to recognize your posts right away. Keep to your theme! If you have an Instagram page about your dental establishment then don’t clutter it up with posts about your pet dog or favourite sports team. When visitors browse through your page they must immediately know what is it you provide.


3. Always Engage with your Audience

Any good businessman will tell you how important customer relationship is. Don’t just leave your followers to be window shoppers. Comment on their posts, like what you see. That way people will become curious and go see what your page is all about. The best way for sales growth is to pull in clients, and interacting with prospects is a great method. Another Instagram growth hacking technique is to follow your competitor’s followers. Don’t wait for clients to come to you.

4. Influencers Are Your Friends

Drive sales towards your company’s social media page by bringing on a brand ambassador or a well- known influencer. Find an Instagram influencer with thousands of followers to promote your product. Make sure the influencer matches your product or service. Don’t ask a soccer player to promote your signature boxing gloves. Rather ask a boxer. You might have to provide the influencer with a free sample or in some cases pay him or her, but in the end you’ll drive potential clients right to your doorstep.

5. Be Active

An inactive Instagram page is a dying business. Post twice a day at least. Even if you only feature a single product, then up your creativity by posting twice a day of different ways to use your product or even post pictures of happy clients. People love being appreciated. Also remember to use all the features provided on Instagram. Drive sales by uploading videos and stories. A lively Instagram page grows much quicker than a boring one with new content only once a week.  Short Boomerangs also work exceptionally well.