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Social Media Optimization: Marketing Tips for Business Growth

Social media optimization is the process of using social media platforms to grow a loyal following online and so, therefore, loyal clients. The more effective your social media optimization, the greater your following. Therefore, there is a higher chance of business growth.

Social Media Optimization: Marketing Tips or Dating Advice?

The act of marketing, simplified, is to attract potential buyers to your product or service. The act of dating is, in a sense, is a marketing game as well.  Many of the techniques we unconsciously use in dating can be used in terms of Social media optimization. What’s the first step towards attracting a potential mate? Well, you need to look your best of course.

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Marketing Tips for Business Growth 1: Attraction

Social Media Optimization and First Impressions

First impressions count-in relationships and in business. That’s why it is vital to keep the following in mind:

  • Headlines: Jayson DeMers specializes in Marketing and Advertising. He is the founder and CEO of AudienceBloom and a Forbes contributor.  He sees that eye-catching headlines will compel individuals to stop scrolling through that Facebook feed and click on your link.
  • Visual Appeal: An individual is more likely to click on your link as a result of an attractive featured image.
  • Keywords: Keywords make a significant impact on social engines as well as on social media platforms. (

Marketing Tips for Business Growth 2: Keep them Coming Back with Social Media Optimization

Of course, attraction does not last forever. If you want someone to stick around you need to offer quality. In fact, this is exactly the same for any business that is looking for real business growth. It includes:

  • Quality writing: Clear, informative and creative writing is a must
  • Quality visuals: infographics, visuals, and videos which complement or put forward content add value to your site.
  • Quality information: The information needs to be of real value to you your target audience.

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Marketing Tips for Business Growth 3: Time to Meet the Family

At this point, you have attracted an audience and kept them coming back for more. It’s time to get them to share it with their family and friends. You can do this is by:

  • Placing share buttons for different social media platforms on your site. As a result, this makes it easy for your visitors to share your Content on various platforms. (
  • Creating competitions that involve them tagging or sharing content.

In conclusion, human beings are inherently social creatures. In order to network effectively in a social setting, it is first, important to present yourself properly. Secondly, it is important to add quality or value to the conversation. The question then is, why would this be any different in an online social setting?  This is why SMO services / social media optimization services are imperative to your social online presence.