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5 Privacy Tips that All SnapChat Users Must Know

  • 30.05.2018
  • Mobile technology

5 Privacy Tips that All SnapChat Users Must Know

The Myth of Evanescence that SnapChat users have woken up to

Many SnapChat users have slowly become disillusioned to the idea that what they send over Snapchat instantly disappears. Although, as many now know, there are apps that can store your Snaps without your knowledge or consent. This is why it is imperative to take privacy precautions.

Dear SnapChat Users: Keep it in the family

Most of us would not allow random strangers to just waltz into our house. In the same way keeping your SnapChat limited to the ones closest to you, unless say, you are a public figure, is always a great idea.

There are many ways you can ensure that your SnapChats are only available to those close to you.  One way is to set your account to ‘friends only’. This means that only the people who have added you back can see your Snaps.

Another way is to turn ‘Quick Add’ off which allows those connected to your friends to add you. Lastly, you can control who sees your stories. You can choose ‘custom’, ‘my friends’ or everyone.

Turn on the login verification

Many SnapChat users can turn on SnapChat’s two factor verification mode. This is possible on every single device. It can prevent others from hacking into your SnapChat account and causing you grief.

Strong password, strong protection

This is an obvious one for all online platforms and you will probably find it in the majority of articles concerning privacy tips online. Strangely enough, many individuals still choose to use their birth-date or their pets name for their passwords. It is better to forget your password and have to recover it than to have to go through the process of recovering your actual account.

Strong passwords are usually long, not easy to guess and to add another layer of protection; you should avoid sharing your password with anyone.

Do not share your SnapCode or username on other social media platforms

You may think that sharing your SnapChat information is an easy way to connect with your loved ones on other social platforms.  Although, you may be unaware that you may be sharing more information than you know to a wide variety of people.

Sometimes it’s for your eyes only

There is a memories feature on SnapChat that you can use to save SnapChats or stories beforehand. You can use this for private stories or pictures by placing them in the ‘My Eyes Only’ area of the memory feature.

In conclusion

These privacy tips may seem trivial and perhaps even slightly inconvenient. Why would anyone want to invade your privacy? Although, just like carrying pepper spray on you when you’re entering a more crime-invested part of town, these precautions have the potential save you from a world of trouble. If your business needs assistance with your SnapChat or any other online social platform then invest in social media management services.