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SEO Tools Combined with Creative Content is What 2018 is All About.

Social Engineering Optimization is crucial to growing your online presence.  Sadaf Mehreen, our own SEO expert, could not agree more.  She sees that “SEO Tools are amazingly important for business growth… although, only when you mix your creativity in content with the data that it provides you.”

In other words, search engine algorithms have changed over the past few years to heighten the importance of content.

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Here is what Sadaf had to say about SEO tools of 2018:

The Most Important SEO Tools of 2018.

Keyword Planner:

Keyword planner is important for your keyword research together with Google trends, you can choose trending topics along with your keywords.

Google Search Console:

Google search console helps to monitor indexing, gather search analytics and improvise accordingly.


Motoolsetet provides key phrase checking, competitor’s links analysis, and on-site SEO enhancement.


SEMRush is an amazing set of tools that assists with competitor analysis, searching for key phrases as well as back links analysis in its organic section. In paid search sections, it shows your competitors’ analysis through ad copies, keyword copies and much more.

Google Analytics:

Google analytics is the most important tool for SEO in 2018. This is because it provides deep insights regarding the audience and helps generate attractive content that matches their needs.

How the Way We Use SEO Tools has Changed Over the Last Few Years.


Page Optimization and Relevant Content

In the past, traditional optimization used to implement 1 or 2 keywords using various black hat tactics. This included keyword stuffing, cloaking and much more… just for the sake of obtaining high PR. Pages used to rank for that every keyword for which it had been optimized.

The latest algorithm displays relevant results rather than those which are striving for higher positions without relevancy. In short, now a page can rank for more than 1 or 2 keywords if they are relevant. Relevancy is the key!


In the past, SEO adopted reciprocal linking together with un-natural spam linking. The purpose was to gain good PR for the websites and higher ranking in search engines. Search engines now discourage such tactics and only consider natural and contextual linking.


Content is still the king but to be more specific, “King content is the king.”

If you focus on producing quality content then you have the chances to rank higher due to the fact that people will probably be more likely to want to read your content.

In the past, only search engine friendliness was enough for the pages to rank in good positions but the latest algorithms only display the pages that are both user-friendly and search engine friendly.

Latest SEO is basically the combination of both search engine friendliness and user-friendliness.


Google’s introducing G-plus has impacted the SEO a lot. Social sharing does benefit the websites but the social signal from G-plus impacts the website more as compared to other social channels.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, SEO works. This is because it focuses on results and it is profitable.  Therefore, it is a good investment. Finding an SEO agency that has proven experience is the key. Hopefully, you will be lucky enough to find someone who understands that the mixture of good SEO techniques and creative content is the most powerful way to grow your online presence in 2018. To grow your online presence this year let Zapro take care of your digital marketing.