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Role Of Images In Advertising & Good Graphic Design

The Most Important Role Of Graphic Design and Images is Visual Persuasion


Let’s face it – the adverts in print or digital media does nothing for the audience if there’s no color or thought to provoke imagery to entice them into taking action. This could mean anything from having fun at the fair or buying your new or revived product. The graphic design you employ for your publications play a vital role in the visual persuasion of your audience.

The purpose of spending so much time and money on good graphic design agencies is to fulfill one of three, if not all three the functions of your business product or service.

  • Increase awareness for your brand,
  • convert awareness into familiarity and lastly
  • to influence and persuade that familiarity into parting with their monies.

Create Awareness with Stunning Images

The sole role of graphics and images in advertising is to expose the company in the hope to generate business, which in turn means staying in business and growth for the company.  Images should strike a chord with its target audience.

Connect to Your Audience & Convert into Familiarity

As an example, in a high-density populated area, you will mainly find billboards with basic commodities such as food, budget holidays, or baby products. By contrast, your affluent areas will be dominated by glossy billboards appealing to their status with iconic images of wealth. These will include latest top class vehicles, credit card adverts, luxury overseas condos for sale. Another example is when one travel closer to airports, most airlines will have their adverts displayed here of current and future travel deals and holiday specials.

So it is important to identify your target audience and create a need for your product to have the correct effect.


Influence To Persuade is Next

Type of imagery is a key factor to keep in mind when considering imagery and graphic design options. Your idea in a text should resonate with your idea conveyed in imagery. Therefore it should stimulate the mind into a feel-good mood when imagining having your product or service. The extent should be that you have to have it at any cost.

Words are processed by our short-term memory. Opposed to our long-term memory, which stores images in and has lasting impression on our memory. let us be honest here, there is really just too much-written content out there which needs a quicker way of processing. Hence, it is important to have the correct images and visual that stimulates the right thoughts and actions. The growing popularity of Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube or Vimeo speaks for itself.

Therefore, when using images in our blogs, print media or any other visual marketing, ensure that it extends the message you wrote and not confuse the conversation.

In conclusion, your images do not need to be all fancy pansy top graphic design agencies to create a simple yet effective image for your story. So, you can use low-cost website design or graphic design firms to strengthen and under strap your message.

While marketing efforts are communicated through the following media as long as it is targeted at the appropriate audience:

  • Email newsletter
  • Blogposts
  • Brochures
  • Online advertising
  • Infographics – Pinterest and Instagram
  • Online and offline advertising
  • Website
  • Slide presentations on SlideGeeks
  • Facebook Cover and Facebook postings
  • LinkedIn Company page and LinkedIn posts
  • Twitter tweets
  • Google +
  • Reddit

and much more. Zapro Digital offers you much more knowledge in the field of graphic design with How to Design a Website? Web Design Concepts, Trends and First Steps or read find out top graphic design tips with Rebranding: How A Good Web Design Helps You Grow