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Rebranding: How A Good Web Design Helps You Grow

  • 20.03.2018
  • Graphic design

Rebranding: How A Good Web Design Helps You Grow

The Question of Rebranding

With brutal competition online and everywhere else, it can be said that a company’s brand is the only differentiating factor. And in a world where trends are constantly changing, the question of rebranding a company’s web design often arises. Because in a digital space where customers base their buying decisions on looks alone, your image could very well be your everything.

No doubt, a decision of rebranding your web design cannot be taken lightly.  Surely if you have an existing website that your customers have come to know and love, why would rebranding be of any benefit?

Rebranding Zapro


Strengthen your brand and grow your business

Ninety-four percent of site visitors report a website’s appearance (web design) as the primary reason why they leave or stay on a site. Truthfully, savvy internet users will evaluate a website based on its appearance as compared to that of the competition. With so much on offer and literally thousands of websites on display everywhere every day, the challenge to run ahead of the pack becomes literal.

Rebranding a web design does not necessarily mean to re-create your company’s logo. Often this is a major consideration as well. Whether your website is due for a major overhaul or just a small adaptation, the objective must always be to strengthen your brand’s identity. With the intention to keep it strong. The development of an online brand must be consistent across all contexts. Your company website, social media profiles and all related advertising should ultimately focus on long-term business growth.

Is our website responsive?

Another important consideration when it comes to rebranding a website is technology. Strange, as it’s usually the graphic design which changes. What we mean to say is that technology changes. And it changes very fast. In the last couple of years, the way people view and use websites have changed. Therefore the technological requirements of websites must be adapted as well.

One of these major adaptations is the fact that your website should look as good on a mobile phone and tablet as what it does on a computer screen. Having a responsive website with high-quality graphics is a definite requirement if you want your website – and your business to be accessible to all.

Change for the better

Whilst on the subject of technology, Google constantly improves upon the methods by which consumers search the internet. With this in mind, search engine optimization is important to make your company’s products and services easier to find on the internet. Justification for a rebrand?

Improvements to a website are mostly visual, definitely. But a decision to rebrand your website also includes the content of your pages. Content improvements definitely help with SEO. And it also offers you the opportunity to tell your story in a new and different way than before.



Keeping it fresh

Chances are that when customers – old and new, see there is change happening on your website, that they will look closer to investigate. The message you send to your consumers is that you are staying current and relevant. It shows that you are a forward-thinking company and always looking to improve things rather than standing still.

The bottom line

A renewed image and rebranding can draw the attention of a new demographic, and an opportunity to expand your business. In conclusion, the primary reason why rebranding or having a fresh web design by some reputable web design company should ever be considered is to improve a company’s bottom line. And having a brand that stands out, is trustworthy and stays current is a great way to improve your image, generate better sales and grow your business.