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New Business: 6 Reasons to Have your own Domain Name

  • 08.11.2017
  • Strategic Consulting

New Business: 6 Reasons to Have your own Domain Name

Your New Business and the Benefits of Having a Webmail and Domain Name

Your new business should have a webmail and a personalized network address. This is because webmail helps you find and create relationships with clients whilst personalized network addresses are essential for professionalism and general awareness. The Zapro team is great at web development that will bring you more traffic and clients that you thought possible.


Catching Potential Clients: Bait and Hook

Trying to create a new business where you find and keep loyal clients is a bit like going fishing. You need to lure the fish in with the bait and then once it grabs on you can reel them in and put them in the bucket.

Your website acts as the ‘worm’ whilst once you get an individual to sign up for your email-you have effectively put them in a ‘bucket’. This way they don’t simply come across your website-just to swim away into the rest of the internet.

You have a Direct Line to Interested People and a Possible Target Market.

You have a direct connection to people who are interested in what you do. This gives you many advantages-one of them being that you can learn much more about your target market through surveys and questionnaires that you can send through to them via email.

Using Email, You can Establish a Relationship with Potential Clients

Being able to send email means you can establish a relationship with potential clients. Of course, if you send them quality content and maybe a bit of free stuff here and there, you are sure to create a basis of individuals who are more likely to buy your products or services.

The Importance of a Domain Name for Creating Brand Awareness

A personalized network address builds general awareness of your brand. According to the reinforcement of the brand name in your domain makes it much more memorable and potential clients are likely to come back to your website.

It Looks a Lot More Professional

All new businesses want to be seen as professional. One great way to do this is to enhance your perceived professionalism by creating a personalized network address.  Without this, it can look like you do not take your business seriously-and if you don’t then who will?

What Serious Business Does not Have a Domain Name?

Potential clients_Zapro

Anyone visiting your site will leave with the impression that you are not serious if you do not have a personalized network address.  Therefore, it is not just professional. Potential clientele expects it. In today’s day and age, your online digital presence has to be strong in every way. You can have the most outstanding business plan and service value. Although, if this value does not shine through in your online presence, such as having a relevant personalized network address, then all that effort will just go nowhere.

In Conclusion

Conclusively, email and a personalized network address are incredibly important.  This is because they help you establish and build relationships with potential clientele. Furthermore, they create positive awareness of your brand or business. The Zapro team is great at web development that will bring you more traffic and clients than you thought possible.