Being badged Google & Microsoft Partners and Bing accredited.
At Zapro Digital, we deliver exceptional results in SEO (search engine optimisation), Social Media Marketing, PPC (pay per click), CRO and Email Marketing.


Our marketing team cover all result-driven aspects of digital marketing, this allows us to certify your marketing budget is practical and given the best approach.

Strategizing is key, and we only pursue strategies that gain you the best ROI. We can act for long or short-term marketing campaigns, building what will be a great partnership and we offer analytics and reporting services, so you can always measure the results.


As Google Partners, we are certified and have access to unique resources to help your business grow. Through endless hours spent managing campaigns, we know what works and what doesn’t work for your business.

As a 360-growth marketing agency, we have a dedicated team of PPC specialists, experienced in a wide range of industries. We manage all aspects of PPC including, but not limited to, display, search, remarketing, shopping campaigns, YouTube and social.
We deliver a bespoke service for each one of our clients and not only do we want to help grow your business, as we thrive on growth marketing, we want to help you understand how PPC can be cohesive into your marketing.


Our 360 approach make us adaptable and we have a unique understanding of how Google has grown, and algorithms have changed year after year.

Zapro Digital works with you as partners to increase your brand and websites trust, gaining rankings on search engines through on-page, off page and content management.

Our SEO includes both local search and high-value keywords. SEO services is a long-term strategy which has a proven track record in the success of a website. SEO is to get in front of your target audience online effectively. We create SEO campaigns that drive organic search traffic through the creation of high-quality content and off-page strategies that boost your website’s visibility in the search results.

E-mail Marketing

Mass email campaigns and monitorisation are key for gaining and observing results.
Our team have years of experience with e-mail marketing systems including CRM, which can help you select the best platform for your requirements, plan and execute your email marketing campaigns. We also provide campaign analytics to help you understand what worked and most importantly what didn’t work.

Email marketing is used to raise brand awareness and keep the business at the forefront, by providing regular newsletters full of tips, fun facts or advice. They can also be used to promote new offers, drive new leads or entice people back to your website.

Social Media Marketing

SMM has evolved into one of the most powerful opportunity for reaching out to a vast number of potential business partners, buyers and prospects and influencing them to form a favourable opinion about your brand, product, service, business or company.

We help you define and complete a strategy to tap into your audiences and assist them in establishing a positive opinion of your brand, while building awareness and maintaining trust. We can work alongside your team to guide them on how to manage your social channels and support them in an ongoing relationship.
Social Media enables brands and their audiences to communicate in real time, in a way that few other channels allow. By investing your time wisely in Social Media, you can build the relationships that will help you to retain your existing customers and find new ones.


Understanding your website’s traffic can give you not only an understanding of its performance but also an insight that can help with business decisions. When we work with clients, part of our servicing is to review your analytics. With many years’ experience working on website traffic, we have a deep understanding of how analytics work.

Zapro Digital can set up end to end monitoring solutions across your campaigns. This often includes analytics integration, telephone tracking, source tracking for form completions and if required, CRM integration.


Conversion rate optimisation is for improving a website’s usability.
We monitor where users are clicking on a page or analysing how traffic flows through your website.

By understanding this you can craft and curate your website, the CTAs and design to its finest performance.
We take pride on working with clients to take you on a journey to determine the power of an effective online presence. CRO isn’t just for tech companies.

No matter what kind of company or business you operate, it is essential to master conversion rate optimisation to create a self-sustaining web presence.

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1 Fore Street | London | EC2Y 9DT