We believe in the right combination of agility, security and stability. We use our time to understand your technical ecosystem, we conduct audits and prepare full working papers to ensure technology works for you and will help you on the road to success.

Cloud Technology

We offer comprehensive and advanced cloud technology services with a range Cloud service providers.

Computing We are able to virtualise of your IT applications systems on the Cloud for resilience and reliability.

Storage & ArchivesWe will work with you to design implement a backup and archive strategy.

Migration The entire process of migrating storage and computing can be done seamlessly without the need of downtime.

Data Management

Our strict standards for Data Management and Security, as this is one of the core aspects of any IT System. Industry standards dictate our focus on the access, integrity and capacity management.

Identity & Access Management (IAM) Access rights and user management.

Network Intrusion Protection Protection from Viruses, Malware and Hackers.

Data Management Strategy & Legal Compliance (GDPR) Industry compliant data management processes.

Training & IT Policy Implementation We can deliver training and guidance on security and acceptable use of your IT systems to ensure data is protection and appropriate user conduct.

Business Continuity

We will implement disaster recovery solution aimed to provide you with the absolute minimum disruption, in the event of a disaster.

Continuity Plan/StrategyWe will capture a complete image of your IT services to devise a strategy to restore system.

Resource PlanningWe will prepare to respond immediately to acquire key IT resources in order to rebuild your system.

Disaster Recovery SolutionsWe can construct an alternative site to replicate all your key services that you have set up, which will be ready to start working immediately.

3rd Party Support

We take on operational responsibilities for any 3rd party applications that have been deployed to simplify service support.

Support AgreementsWe establish support agreements with hardware and software 3rd party vendors you use, for rapid response to any issues.

Workflow Optimisation

The solutions range from the standard IT services to specialised systems to enhance productivity, leveraging the best possible technological solution available.

Optimal Technological SolutionsAnalyse, research, discuss and implement

Streamline ProcessesAnalyse, Record, Improve – Repeat

Proactive Monitoring

We can take on the management of your entire IT system. This simplifies the delivery and support of your IT service by providing you with a single point-of-contact for everything you need.

KPI & AlertingWe deploy monitoring systems that track KPIs of your entire system to automatically notify any issues.

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1 Fore Street | London | EC2Y 9DT