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Growth Hacker Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

  • 28.Nov.2017
  • Strategic Consulting

How can Growth Hacker Marketing be Differentiated from Other More Traditional Types of Marketing?

When we asked our very own Shehryar Shaukut – Sales team manager of Zapro he replied immediately “A growth hacker’s true north is growth”. And according to our expert a growth hacker marketing expert is “someone whose intention is to get maximum growth in users, subscribers and customers for a company by thinking outside the box.”



growth hacker marketing

The brain behind this phrase and CEO of Sean Ellis coined the term growth hacking in 2010. It came about while searching for a term to describe his job role in order to hire his replacement. Since then this term has become an international term associated with business success.  “Growth hackers don’t have time to waste around a whiteboard strategizing marketing plans.  They are desperately testing trying to find something that works.”

The marketing world has benefitted greatly from some of the many insights gained from growth hacker marketing techniques. Considered a close relative of guerrilla marketing, the concept really centralizes around putting aside traditional, dogmatic marketing.  In favor of finding other fast, practical and entrepreneurial ways to grow a company.

The Traits of a Good Growth Hacker Marketing Expert

Someone who has experience in technology and innovation. As many growth hacking specialists concentrate on growing business in startups related to the technology sector. They have a passion for and understanding of coding languages, QA, and testing including data-centric analysis. Some also have the ability to use programs and data to their advantage. They are not afraid to experiment with different strategies and tools to find an optimum solution.

Personal characteristics often convey excellent communication skills and a deep understanding of the psychology of users and customers. In order to “hack” into what people think and want growth hacking marketers have in many instances come from a sales background. They work actively in varied aspects of the sales and marketing processes of an organization like b2b, outbound marketing and lead generation which drives business development. They are also familiar with other marketing techniques such as guerrilla marketing and how to create brand awareness. These experts know how to employ social media and online marketing inbound methodologies.

What sets top growth experts apart from their counterparts is their passion for business development. They won’t rely on advertising and uses their own unique set of tools for scalable growth. This uniquely self-motivated growth marketer understands the SEO process and in many cases top growth hacking experts are SEO experts as well. A specialized skill set for any company when it comes to delivering effective online marketing services.

The traits of a good growth hacker marketing expert

Our Story

During our conversation, I was really struck by the passion and knowledge Shehryar Shaukut shared with me on growth hacker marketing. As a person, he is driven by so many aspects of his wide and varied experiences in sales and marketing. To me, this one statement stands out profoundly.

“ It’s in the hands of the marketers to improve, sell and create and maintain awareness of a company’s products and services for maximum impact and accelerated growth.”

When I asked him why he has chosen this profession his answer came almost naturally.

“I am a Growth Hacker looking after the Growth acceleration of various Start-Ups at Zapro Digital UK. My Passion is in Sales and Digital Marketing because this is what matters the most. A successful growth campaign plays a vital role in the sustainability of a Startup. Having progressed from a programming background to a Growth role gives me the perspective to handle the technical aspects of the Growth Hackers role.”

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