Website Design Templates for Law Firms

It is always a pleasure to write an article about the latest graphic design offerings from Zapro. Website design

This month we have spread our wings and started looking at designs for law firm websites which we believe can make valuable contributions to the legal market in the UK. We present to you the main features of the Zapro Legal template offerings.

Corporate identity to illustrate your law firm’s brand

Focus is placed on the name and identity of your business brand throughout the website. The Zapro design team also takes painstaking care to use the colors of your brand consistently throughout the template. We help you choose imagery that reflects your law firm’s identity and values to new and existing clients alike.

Uncluttered website design

The simple choices of color and imaging to represent your information are key to how visitors will experience your website. Aesthetically clean and clutter-free website designs mean your clients can focus on what you want them to see the most. Who you are. And what services you can offer.

Additionally, social media connections can be made for each team member.

Another key feature of our website designs is that they are Mobile friendly – meaning what you see on your computer is what you see on your phone.

Online booking system

Why not offer a space on your website where your customers can schedule an appointment? This important feature can ensure you never miss an opportunity to connect with potentially new clients (and existing ones). Additionally, features pertaining to an individual’s case can also be available to the online, allowing for tracking of cases and or storing and viewing of case files.

Sitemap and quick contact

Subsequently a sitemap in your website design assists in the easy navigation of important information to your visitors. Generally speaking it is common practice to add this to the bottom of each page. A quick contact feature added here makes it easy for clients to ask a question without hassle.

Contact and social media buttons

Not only is your business’ contact information crucial to your audience, but buttons to your contact particulars will allow for your clients to call you without effort. When they click on your address, clients are directed to the contacts page which contains a Google map to your physical address. A definite value add to your website design. Last but not least, icons to your social media channels will ensure that you never lose and opportunity to enforce your online presence and stay within the mind of the very people whom visit your website.

In Conclusion

In brief, Zapro digital is your one-stop shop for creating a powerful website packed with features that look good and deliver results. For more information on our products and services visit our website. We work with law firms to develop a user experience which delivers value to your audience. Translating into higher conversion rates and improved business activities.