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Digital Trends and Emerging Technologies 2018

  • 01.02.2018
  • Artificial Intelligence

Digital Trends and Emerging Technologies 2018

Will 2018 be More Digital than last?

We believe 2018 will see more interesting changes and tweaks as 2017 heralded a massive shift in everything digital. The WEF has reported a rise in the global acceptance of new emerging technology like never before. Coupled with an ongoing demand for a more integrated and unlimited digital experience, it would be safe to say that this year we will see a maturation of the technological market with continued developmental initiatives by everyone.

The need for businesses and brands to interact with their markets digitally cannot be underestimated. This is a driving force towards much technological innovation. Hopefully we will see companies starting to incorporate these trends in their strategic planning for 2018.

Digital integration is evolving into a commonplace fact of life. Growing, expanding, and developing into a near living organism. In fact, it’s showing absolutely no sign of slowing down. The next wave of Digital technologies are on their way and will undoubtedly change our lives, again.


The Technological Revolution in 2018: What Can We Expect from Emerging Technology?

Chatbots, Video and Augemented Reality, for the most part, have changed how we use our mobile devices. They have changed how we communicate, how we plan and how we purchase. Furthermore, they have also changed the way we retrieve information and learn new skills.

In 2017 YouTube became the world’s second largest search engine, with 1.65billion active Facebook users watching approximately 8 billion videos daily. This indicates a continued trend of online marketing in the form of videos. But beware, attention spans are decreasing, and people are watching more and more video content online, especially on their mobile devices. This means that various online marketing trends will be short simple punchy video interactions that will engage and get straight to the point.

Killer Content is King – and Always Will be with Google

Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, have all launched ‘Live Streaming Video’ with users sharing their experiences in real time. We summise that companies are likely to use this new format to supplement brand activations, virtual launches and even candid behind-the-scenes virtual tours of their offices and factories. The more innovative and concise, the higher the chances are of sparking a conversation.

Digital Trends 2018 - Zapro Digital


In the coming year we are likely to see more products and services tapping into Augmented Reality.  Thus increasing the already mammoth number of apps available online. Mobile devices are becoming more powerful, making it important for companies to create an representative app or they will fall behind.

The Applications for AR in New Emerging Technology is Limitless

AR captures the world through a mobile device camera and puts a digital overlay on the video to create an image the user sees on their display. It is possible that more and more brands are going to make use of AR to offer their audiences unique and emotional experiences.

For instance you can preview how furniture on a retailer’s website might look in your lounge.  Similarly you can preview how a new hair style would suit you before making an appointment at the hairdresser. This is just one example. Businesses are also anticipating major change and can benefit greatly – How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Decision Making For Businesses


2018 Trends - Zapro Digital

We suppose that in 2018 artificial intelligence and chatbots will continue to develop and become more sophisticated. According to Gartner “Chatbots are time-saving and easy to interact with, as they use natural language processing, reduce error rates associated with humans, and improve customer engagement.”

And ultimately, you smart phone will become your own personal assistant to unlimited knowledge, facts and statistics.