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6 Elements of an Effective Content Strategy for Your App

  • 08.08.2018
  • Digital Optimization

6 Elements of an Effective Content Strategy for Your App

The Buyers Journey and How it Affects Creating an Effective Content Strategy.

The buyer’s journey is the process that potential customers go through before and after purchasing your product or your application. It is important for you to provide a relevant and effective content strategy that matches up to every part of the journey in order for you to gain, retain and find new customers.

You can optimize your content if you know your buyers

Before you can officially begin mapping your buyer’s journey – you need to understand your target audience. This is the time for extensive research.

You can then begin with App Store Optimization and create effective content that is tailored to your specific Buyers and their journey.

Use your content strategy to gain awareness and interest

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If you have a marketable app, it is assumable that it solves a problem or meets a need.

The first two steps on the buyer’s journey are awareness and interest – where the potential customer begins to become aware of a need or problem they have and so begin expressing interest through searching for products and of course, apps.

Therefore, you should create a content strategy that focuses on the problem and the provided solution. This is done through an app website with a blog, podcast, and info-graphics. The popular mobile gaming developer FanStudio suggests trying getting into contact with industry bloggers and engaging with viral marketing.

Promote consideration in the appropriate audience groups

If your content strategy has been effective, there will definitely be an audience who has begun to consider your application. This is the chance to demonstrate what your app can do. You can do this through many forms of content such as case studies and demonstrations.

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Be sure to provide post-purchase services

After the customer has purchased your application, it is important to provide them with great service in this respect.

Of course, you can go beyond this and create communities, loyalty programs, and newsletters. As digital marketing specialists Uhuru suggests, ‘make’ your active customers ‘feel cared for and safe’.

Post-purchase can lead to re-purchase if done well

The previous customers will spread the good news if the post-purchase phase was successful. This means allowing them space to provide app reviews online is always a must.

If you want to go further, you can expand your product. You can then provide content which relates to this expansion. This can include blogs and infographics. Already- happy customers will be more than happy to pay for more great service.

Last but not least… Rinse and repeat

Now that you have gone through the whole buyer’s journey and have expanded your application services-it’s time to evaluate. What did you get right? Where did you go wrong? Has your target audience changed at all?  How does the new expansion affect your content strategy?

It’s now time to go on a whole new journey that caters to these improvements and changes.

Enjoy the journey, or should I say journeys, and remember that Zapro is right here if you are looking for high-quality mobile app development.