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Top Tips for Effective Content Marketing for Your Business Growth

  • 23.Nov.2017
  • Strategic Consulting

Highly Effective Content Marketing takes Practice

Many a marketing strategist has pondered this question and has undoubtedly come up with a strategy of some sort. While it would be difficult to pinpoint exact markers to every business’ success with a post, the aim nonetheless is to formulate a few guidelines on the important aspects of content marketing that can help your business grow.

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Top Tips: Stay Authentic

Establish your own writing style and do not be afraid to stand out. Sometimes content writers are so concerned with the technicality of the process that we forget to just let the words flow. One of my favorite quotes by Dorothy Parker states, “creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye”. This quote encapsulates for me the synergy between the ideas that come to mind and the end result that is so carefully constructed for that perfectly balanced ROI. In particular, we share with you a few tips to create that awesome copy everyone wants to read with their morning coffee.

  • Tell a story. Do attempt to enthrall your reader with words that make a pictured whole. There could be nothing worse than reading a piece that fails to make a point.
  • Keep it simple. Readability does matter. Keep technical jargon to a minimum and use a language that resonates with your audience. And keep it easy to digest so that your followers can regularly visit your Blog for more.
  • Your reputation is everything. Speaking of which, use information from reputable sources. Statistics especially should be current and concise.

Value Add: Incorporate SEO Tools

Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical to your marketing success. What was once complicated to understand and accessible to only a few, is now possible with powerful and easy to implement tools. Use them.

To invest in a content strategy without reaching the right target audience would be like scattering oats into the wind. Some of the best ways to organically grow your audience through content marketing include:

  • Use strong keywords. Keyword tools such as ioSEMrushor Google AdWords can assist content marketers in SEO by finding the most appropriate keywords in a given industry. It is essential to then weave these keywords into the content’s title, body and meta descriptions so Google can find, evaluate and display your content to the correct internet users.
  • Use ALT text. The practice of naming and describing the images on your website and content on Blogs etc also contributes massively to improved SEO. Additionally, ALT text lends itself to improved accessibility for audio impaired individuals for example. It is also worth saying here that alignment with W3C accessibility requirements also aids in higher ratings with Google.
  • Add inbound and outbound links. Nothing anchors content marketing more than the endorsement of external influencers. The higher their domain authorities, for example, WordPress, the better it will be for your rankings as well. Don’t forget to add inbound links in order to keep visitors on your website longer.

Key Factor: Keep it Consistently Fresh

If marketers keep their messages clear and concise, they can stand a chance to reach the audience they are targeting. The same is true about variety in the practice of content marketing. A good marketer knows to invest in the time to develop content that their audience will appreciate and respond to. With that, make room for gathering feedback from your audience to take the guesswork out of what might interest them and what won’t. A true ideal would be to create a balance between creativity and marketability with just a dash of originality to remain ahead of the competition.

Content matters: Mix it Up

Often when we think about content we associate it with website copy and of course the all-important Blog. But every good marketer knows that content must include social media efforts that distribute a variety of information across multiple channels. A content strategy is not complete without a social media marketing plan and calendar to maximize a business’s exposure and ensure consistent growth.

Content marketing Zapro

In Conclusion: The Big Picture

A few take away’s for today:

  • Think long term. Invest in the time to assess what subject matters will have the most impact on your followers.
  • Then strategize around the appropriate target audiences and SEO to ensure your content reaches the right eyes.
  • Keep your content relevant by telling better stories. This helps content flow easily from one post to the next and entice your reader time and again.
  • Distribute and optimize all your content efforts through a focused social media strategy that can aid in the success and growth of your business over time.
  • Grow your business through effective content writing services.

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