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Zapro’s Guide to E-commerce Website Optimization

  • 31.01.2017
  • Web Development

Zapro’s Guide to E-commerce Website Optimization

E-Commerce Website Optimisation

If you have an e-commerce website, wouldn’t you want for it to function at its optimal performance? Well, the truth is that creating an e-commerce website without giving thought to its optimisation would be like baking a cake and neglecting to put any frosting on top.

E-commerce website Zapro

No, we are not implying that you should decorate your e-commerce website with frills and cherries on top. What I am suggesting is that we consider optimisation services as the best way in which to apprehend the attention of prospective buyers and lead them to the next logical step. To buy your company’s products and services.

Think about your own experiences on e-Commerce sites, what works for you and what doesn’t, and follow these five tips for optimum results.

Simplify Search on Your E-Commerce Website

Make it easy for your prospective buyers to find the product they might be interested in. It is possible that consumers visit your website because they have bought something before or trust your brand.

Optimise the search capability to allow for the user to search on many optional criteria. For example price, color, size, store location etc. Many visitors might leave if they do not find what they are looking for.

Provide Smart Navigation Tools

This is the usability of your pages as well as the way you lead your consumers to purchase. Provide a navigational structure so that users may reach their destination with as few clicks as possible. The tools and graphics you employ to achieve this should be clear and concise. Inform your user of every step they take and lead them there in a clever way to complete all transactions as fast and as hassle-free as possible.

Use a Clean Design to Focus on Your Products

With so much going on on your e-Commerce website, it’s important to remember to factor in customer usability as well as aesthetics. Consumers like to see pictures of what they are going to buy so the use of high-quality images is paramount. Employ a theme to support the consistency of your website’s pages with colors and fonts that best reflect your company’s brand.

Improve the Impact of Your Promotions

Much effort goes into driving traffic to your e-commerce website through other mediums such as social media channels and other advertising campaigns. Follow them through with visibility on your landing pages. Not only does your promotions motivate our potential customers to buy, but also drives home the fact that you care about offering value. The objective here is to facilitate marketing efforts into a whole picture for optimum ROI.

Remove Barriers to Purchase in Checkout

The last, but certainly the most obvious.  Facilitate the purchasing process effectively and buyers will not only be happy, they will also return for more. Support your customer’s purchasing process with as much information as possible without presenting additional steps or pages to read. Use autocomplete in your forms and make choosing options easier by presenting them with drop-down lists. Consumers also consider safety a priority when it comes to purchasing online. Promote safe buying and inform your consumers that their information and transactions are secure.

In conclusion, there are many success factors which contribute to a winning recipe for an e-commerce website to work. Each and every website has a unique set of success factors. The trick for you would be to find what works best and stick to it.