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Domain Name: Guide to Choosing Law Firm’s Web URL

  • 21.Sep.2017
  • Strategic Consulting

What’s in a Domain name?

Your law firm’s name is your everything… right? Well, when it comes to choosing the perfect URL / domain name for your website, you need to put your thinking cap on. Common questions to ask would be for example; which name is going to be most memorable, how search engines will rank you, and what ethical rules apply?

Let us start by looking at the anatomy of a domain name

When it comes to choosing the right Top-Level-Domain most of us will opt for .com since it is the TLD that everyone instinctually types in their browser bar. “But most of the good .com domains are taken … ” The next obvious choice will be country code TLDs like .ca and .uk

Top Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Name for Your Law Firm’s Website

Domain name Zapro

Here are the common Second-Level-Domain (SLD) combinations that most people look at when choosing a domain:

  • Name-of-Firm (e.g. com)
  • Name-of-Firm + Law (or variants) (e.g. com)
  • Abbreviation-of-Name-of-Firm (e.g. com)
  • Practice-Area (e.g. com)
  • Practice-Area + Name-of-Firm (e.g. com)
  • Practice-Area + Location + Law (or variants) (e.g. com)
  • Abbreviation-of-Name-of-Firm + Law (or variants) (e.g. com)
  • Abbreviation-of-Name-of-Firm + Practice-Area + Law (or variants) (e.g. com)

Amplify your Brand Recognition with Domain Name Recognition.

It is no coincidence that law firms use the name of their firm as the name of the SLD in their URL. Why? Because anyone who sees your domain will learn your name. And the opposite of the coin is also true. If someone has heard of your firm, chances are that they will probably search for you on the internet by that name as well.

Using the name of a law firm is generally speaking common practice. The benefit for law firms with a unique name is that they rank well in search engines too.

Disadvantages of this Common Practice

If someone has never heard of you, they won’t be able to glean any insight into your profession by seeing your URL. In the event where your name is long for example petersmithandsons the name is practically impossible to remember and there is no indication that you are even a law firm!

Availability and Versatility

Let us sketch a scenario where your domain name is already taken. It is a known fact everybody that domain names must be unique and that only one name can exist in any given point in time. This is where we need to start getting creative. Even if you have a common name chances are that your law firm’s name combined with an industry indicator such as law or solicitors would be available, for example royallaw (e.g. uk) or mckeenleysolicitors (e.g. uk).

It is also important to remember that the keyword vale of terms such as “law” or “legal” can help your website be rank easier in search engine results. The latter benefit of using this naming convention is of course that it enables you to address wider variety areas of law within your website as well.

When all else Fails

Domain name Zapro

The above examples are just a few considerations. Many other options exist, including creating abbreviated names and or combinations of all the above.

At the end of the day it needs to be said that your law firm will keep the name you give its web presence for the years to come. Best you choose wisely for something that is memorable, affordable and representative of your law firm’s presence on the web.

And again, when you find yourself lost in the technicality of it all, contact Zapro digital. We offer affordable and flexible domain name registrations and website hosting packages for law firms and other small businesses on the web.

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