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DIY Wedding Invitations: Yes or No?

  • 07.Sep.2017
  • Graphic design

Are DIY Wedding Invitations Worth It?

The big day is coming up and you have so many things to prepare, the rehearsal, the reception, wedding invitation cards and the after party. Not to mention the stress of handling the dress, the cake – the in-laws!

Let’s get to the invitations. I have seen my fair share of them as well as ceremonies, the good, the bad and the ugly. But what we want to know here, is what you should consider when it’s time to spread the news. Should you create your own or not?

DIY wedding invitations - Zapro Digital

Taking The Matter Into Your Own hands

So why not make your wedding invitation yourself? There are a gazillion examples of DIY wedding invitations on the web, photos, examples some even with step-by-step instructions.

Photo results from

Apart from the money you may save, these are the things you should keep in mind when considering making your own:

– Tools and materials. Be ready to get your hands dirty. Many DIY wedding invitations are made with craft paper. They often include buttons, ribbons, lace, twine and more paper of different colors, textures, and sizes. Be sure to have the paper trimmer, glue, scissors, printer and ink on hand.

– Time and efforts. It is most likely that the original authentic creation you are planning will require additional time and dedication for its construction.

– Digital know-how. Many templates and ready-to-print options available on the web involve software programs in order to use and operate them. Some templates are provided in easy-to-use applications such as Microsoft Word. Others require more skill and knowledge of more complicated programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

– Custom design options. You may even choose a website where you can modify your invitation online and have it printed. Be sure not to be caught up in unexpected expenses or hidden costs.

A few handmade wedding invitation samples:

Ask A Professional

Apart from the time it might save you and the effort of cutting ribbons and gluing them onto paper, let’s observe a few benefits of asking the professionals to go where you fear to tread:

– Professionally made wedding invitations can be unique and stylish. Very much like your hairdresser, a professional designer can give you what no one else can. A design uniquely beautiful created especially for this occasion. Many printers can engrave, emboss or embellish your invitations, a difficult feat with the hand. And they all look the same. And yes gold foil stamping will never go out of fashion for wedding invitations.

DIY weding invitations - Graphics Inspirations - Zapro Digital

– They do not have to cost an arm and a leg. It may surprise you but the costs of professional design and print are not necessarily as large when you shop around a bit. Compared to the stationery, tools, and lace you may need for the handmade version, sometimes the costs can be the same either way. Besides you can make a substantial saving on the cost of your time!

– Customized and fresh ideas. For the most part, one of the biggest advantages of hiring a professional is that the outcome can really be a new and fresh idea. Something you will find difficult to do your own. As we are sure you would want something gorgeous and bespoke for your special day.

A few designed printed wedding invitation samples:

In conclusion

All things considered, the last say lies with the individual. Either way, a choice can be made which boils down to the cost/time ratio. Save money and make them yourself. And you might not get the end result you want. Or trust the invitations to the most important day of your life to the professionals. Ask Zapro digital – a design agency to turn your dream day into a dream invitation. We do graphic design.

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