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Friday Feature: Digital Marketing Success Factors

  • 04.Oct.2017
  • Digital Optimization

How to Use Email to Generate Leads for Your Digital Marketing Efforts

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In digital marketing, lead generation is classified as the first step in the sales process, and vital to any startup or small business to succeed. If done right, it can prove an effective method to generate targeted leads at a relatively low cost.

We are all used to receiving these digital marketing emails in our inbox, right? It is estimated (and proven) that the majority of consumers who receive your email will only skim the contents and file it away somewhere. If you are lucky. In many cases, poorly crafted emails that do nothing for the reader just land in the trash.

So how do you reach your target audience and get them to read your carefully constructed sales pitch? Not only that, but how do you monetize on the efforts of your marketing team?

For our Friday Feature article, we would like to share with you a few tips to improve your email game.

Failing to plan, as they say – is planning to fail. There are a few tools you should have in your email marketing campaign arsenal. Call them requirements if you will.

Create an Email Marketing Design Template and Stick to It.

Very much like your website and other digital marketing efforts, your image needs to be communicated to the reader at all times. Similarly, you can use your company’s identity like a logo, contact details, slogan and unique promise of quality optimally every time. Remember, consistency is key. Because the ideal is to build trust with your reader so that they may look forward to reading your message every time. In essence, build your brand and keep it associated with quality content.

Digital marketing Zapro

Craft a Message that Adds Value

Give them quality. Is your email marketing message overtly self-promotional? If so, take a deep breath and rethink your approach. Ask yourself whether this is an email you would actually open and read. Or is it something you would delete just like the other 30 marketing emails you receive in a day?

  • Aim to share a message with your reader that is interesting, valuable, helpful or newsworthy.
  • Use compelling subject lines. Avoid sales words like “special”, “free” as this drastically decreases the chances of engagement from your audience.

Underwrite your Content with Subtle Drivers

If you are making an effort with email marketing campaigns, chances are that you are also putting a lot of work into all your digital marketing channels such as social media and perhaps a company blog on availing online marketing services.

  • For one thing, employ your email efforts to show your audience the diversity and integrity of your brand. Link to your blog and entice your potential customers to engage with your website, Facebook page etc.
  • In addition, you can add call-to-action buttons subtly throughout your text to lead your readers to a specified action. A word of caution: too many CTA’s can confuse your reader to which action they should take. Keep it consistent throughout and keep your focus on one specific outcome per email.

Offer your Readers Something in Return

Say Thank You. One of the most common digital marketing techniques is to gather contact details and lead your potential customers to subscribe to your comms by offering a free e-book or e-zine to download.

A way that you can reward your consumers – for sure!

Accordingly, make your potential customers feel worthy by saying thank you. As a result, you have them exactly where you want them. On your website. The more time they spend there, the more qualified they may become to make a purchasing decision.

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