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Digital Marketing: Gateway to Earnings for SME Businesses

  • 27.Sep.2017
  • Strategic Consulting

Digital marketing is essential in today’s world.

Whether you’re a new startup company or small business owner, the online world can seem intimidating if you do not know how to find your way around digital marketing channels. So what’s it all about? Some agencies say you must focus on social media postings, others advocate SEO to be the only way. Regardless of what you believe, one thing remains certain. With both potential customers and competitors constantly available online, digital marketing is the right way to stay ahead.

Digital marketing SEO

5 Simple digital marketing strategies that can help your business grow

1. Define your strategy with a goal in mind

Before you embark on a project you would sit down with pen and paper and think right?. (OK so maybe you’ll sit behind a keyboard). The important part here is the formulation that leads to the plan.

The best way to get there would be to set your marketing goal. For example, your first goal could be to create awareness of your brand in your local community. We can illustrate to you here how having a goal helps you to know what to focus your attention on. Goals are then followed by a strategy on how this objective might be reached. For example, look for all the local listings in your area and subscribe your company information to these listings and groups.

2. Create a marketing plan

With your digital marketing goals and strategies in place, the next step would be to create a map for yourself to get there. By ‘there’ we mean the outcome of your goal. For example, awareness of your brand in your local community can lead to the outcome of more sales for your business.

Your marketing plan functions as a blueprint that outlines your company’s advertising and marketing efforts over a period of time. Such a plan normally includes detailed descriptions of your company’s marketing objectives and how they may be fulfilled through your actionable efforts. Such a plan should also adhere to the SMART principles which means your plan should be specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic and time-based.

3. Target your objectives with call-to-actions

A call-to-action (CTA) is an image or text that prompts visitors to your website to take action, such as subscribe to a newsletter or call or chat online about their requirements. A detailed marketing plan cannot be effective without the conversion and lead generation properties that CTAs can afford you. For example, with a call to action, you can direct visitors’ to landing pages, where you can collect their contact information in exchange for a valuable marketing offer such as a newsletter or free ebook. In that sense, customers feel valued and you have the opportunity to repeatedly communicate your brand to them via the email address they have provided you.

Other call to actions can be more direct such as “Call us Now for a free quote” or “Buy Now while stocks last” etc.


Because a good CTA should be attention-grabbing and help lead a potential customer to do exactly what you want them to – buy your product or service. Being that directly or indirectly, each of your marketing objectives can be effective if they are accompanied by a few call to actions across all your marketing mediums.

4. Follow your leads

Every single visitor to your website, Facebook page or directory listing pages can be your potential customer. Find out who your customers are and why they came to your website. Follow up your leads with continued communications about your company, service offerings, and even special offers or special occasions such as Mother’s day. Attention to detail and consistency will help to turn your potential customer into a lead. You’ve given them valuable information, shown them you pay attention to their needs, and shown them that you have something they need that will benefit them. All that’s left is discussing things such as price, payment mode and other aspects of your product or service that are relevant to a buyer.

5. A note on driving traffic to your website

Everyone knows that you need people to visit your website in order to learn what you have to offer. But this might not be as simple as it seems

  • Invest in quality content.
    Spend your time and efforts on content such as blog posts, press releases, and articles on different social media platforms. With a little bit of imagination, you can insert links to your website within this content to build your brand name and drive traffic to your website. Quality is key as it would reflect right back to your brand.
  • Employ a solid SEO strategy.
    Higher ranking on major search engines is a definite must for improved visibility of your website. Empower your business with SEO techniques such as keyword research, Google analytics, link building etc. to obtain maximum results on the long term.
  • Optimize your website.
    People don’t want to visit a website that doesn’t work properly. Stay up to date with current trends and technologies; keep your website responsive so it may function optimally on tablets and mobile phones as well.Digital marketing Zapro

In conclusion

We can only open the door, but you are the one who has to walk through it. If you need a hand, contact Zapro digital – online marketing agency that offers marketing, content creation and SEO for startups and small businesses designed to build awareness, reputation, trust – and sales. Digital marketing!

Because in the end, your business is our business.

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