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Design Inspirations: Examples Of Great Book Layout & Cover Designs

  • 06.Sep.2017
  • Graphic design

Book Cover Design Inspiration

We all know the saying don’t judge a book by its cover right? Well, in the world of literature, the difference between a sale and a fail can be as simple as the design of its face. Many people say that book cover design is booming, and we agree. Books, printed and electronic are here to stay. The question really is what makes a great book cover? What will define it as inspirational? design inspiration

Tell Me A Story

Combining the power of storytelling with the beauty of art: now that could be a design inspiration. Whether its cookbook or crime thriller, the first impression of that story is on the outside.

Experts say you must choose a design based on the genre, and subject of the matter. Others may argue about the validity of illustration vs photography. And long discussions can be had about the appropriate use of typography. But the truth of it all is that when you walk into a bookshop you will choose a book by looking at its cover. Why?

Design inspirations book layout & cover designs - Zapro Digital

Does the cover make you curious? Does it represent a riddle that you need to turn the pages to find out? Some book covers are beautifully designed so they may be picked by the reader simply because of that fact. Have a look at the photos below from Flickr and think about what the story is about.

The Rule Of Thirds

Ok so, a composition isn’t as easy as it looks. The rule of thirds is not the idea that the top of the page contains a title, image in the middle and author at the bottom. Although from our example above we can almost come to that conclusion. Fun fact: the rule of thirds got invented in 1797 when it was first mentioned by John Thomas Smith in Remarks on Rural Scenery. “Two distinct, equal lights, should never appear in the same picture: One should be principal and the rest subordinate”.

What Smith essentially means is that there should be one center of focus in every design. Subsequently, all the other items must compliment it and guide the eye towards it.

By keithdraws in Book Cover Design Inspiration

Breaking The Rules

Very simply put, the design of the cover for a book is the art of incorporating the title, author, and image into a coherent whole. The examples below draw the reader’s attention simply because they are different and therefore stand apart from the crowd.

Design inspirations great book layout and cover - Zapro Digital

In Conclusion

I would even go so far to say, creatively everything goes in design inspiration as there are so many samples to prove and learn from. There are many mainstream websites who will design your book cover for you, with a gazillion options. The inspirational bit behind this post is that it can help us think about the way we create. And inspiration comes to those who seek it out, and it can often come from within the design process itself. When you’re engaged with the thing that you’re making.

At Zapro digital – a Web design agency in London, we understand inspiration and we know about book cover design. Whatever your graphic requirements, our work philosophy is to translate client vision into a design.

And We Would Like To Leave You Pondering This Quote:

“Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there are love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong”. – Ella Jane Fitzgerald, Jazz Vocalist

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