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Content Writing vs. Content Marketing: Essentials for Law Firms

  • 28.Dec.2017
  • Strategic Consulting

Content marketing and Content writing are important tools for law firm websites.   This is because they simplify complex content for the average viewer.  Simultaneously, this should promote the law firm through attractive, interesting and professional-looking content.

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Content Writing and Content Marketing: Closely related Cousins

Content Marketing is the act of indirect advertising. This means it does not blatantly promote a brand, business or law firm. Rather, interesting content in the form of videos, info graphics, pictures and of course, content writing enacts the promotion. This is done through providing quality information that is easy to understand and look at.

Content writing is, therefore, simply one of the many ways in which content marketing is implemented online. In this way, they are not in competition but rather go hand in hand in promoting any company or law firm.

Visuals and Videos: The importance of Easily-accessible Content

 This reality, of course, that content writing is not the only one part of the content marketing umbrella, means that it should not be your main focus.

It is imperative that that in such a busy society, you have short info graphics, videos, and visuals which explain the content in a quick, simple and effective manner.  Furthermore, visual appeal will enhance the readers focus on the content.

Excellent Content Writing is Still a MUST

Yes, we do live in a busy society where visuals and videos can be more appealing to those looking for quick information although, for those genuinely interested in working with a law firm or researching, content writing is a way in which to convey the more intricate details of whatsoever legally-based topic in a simple manner.

Furthermore, the more content writing you have included in your website, the more keywords will be present. This means your website is more likely to be found through Search Engines.

You should not underestimate the importance of SEO or System Engineering Optimization.  It goes far beyond simply repeating few significant keywords. Therefore, is it always advisable to hire a Content Writer who at least holds some basic knowledge of SEO.

Take Advantage of the News

The news is a great way to attract potential clients to your website, where trending news stories are highly likely to pull in a good amount of traffic.

Incorporating this into the content writing of your website, through making it relatable to the topic at hand, is a great way to do this.

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In Conclusion

Content writing and content marketing are not competitors but rather allies that strengthen one another.  Therefore, firms should do well in implementing a content marketing strategy inclusive of all types of Content including writing services.

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