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What is Content Role in Marketing and Advertising?

  • 24.Oct.2017
  • Strategic Consulting

Understanding the Content Role

The content role and writer’s responsibility links inexplicably to marketing.  Content writers assist marketing teams in the development of engaging content for their marketing and sales campaigns. Content writers are furthermore responsible for writing a variety of material which is used across many mediums. For example Blogs, web pages, social media and or online magazines and forum websites.

It is often the case that content writers are given information on certain types of content. For example content for social media can be quite different to that of a magazine article.

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Why Content Marketing?

More important than understanding the role of content in the marketing mix, is the understanding why content marketing is important for business growth. Let us explore the reasons why we employ the content role in marketing and advertising.

Awareness and PR

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations defines PR as the “practice of planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organization and its publics”. The content role assists in creating awareness of your company and brand on a constant basis.

Encourages Faith and Trust in a Business’s Brand

When appropriate information is available about the organization, their values, as well as their trust in the products and services trust, is inspired which encourages loyalty.

Content Attracts New Customers and Traffic to Your Website

Content produced and spread widely via other channels such as social media and other authoritive websites allows for improved exposure. New customers may very well find your website through a closely related piece of writing.

Social Media’s Role in Formulating a Content Strategy

The act of marketing, in more simplified terms is to attract potential buyers in order to sell a product or service.  Social media can greatly assist in the content role with a rich and varied marketing mix. A company can use many different SM platforms to grow a loyal following online and so gain more loyal clients. The more effective content appears in all SM integrations the greater the chances of increased exposure. Therefore, there is a higher chance of business growth.

Content Marketing is Actually All About SEO

SEO is actually all about content marketing, and vice versa. Why? SEO states the requirements for the keywords which people will use to search on Google pages. Careful incorporation of these keywords in articles can assist the rankings of a company’s website on Google drastically. Backlinking, another SEO practice, can very much benefit from the practice of publishing quality content on a regular basis.

Content marketing is actually all about SEO

In Conclusion: Connecting Content with the User Experience

Every website needs to maintain the right balance between content and user experience factors such as readability and website performance. Content enhances the user experience with the integrations of contextual elements such as headings, forms CTA buttons and subtle keywords.  So the content role, in conclusion, is an important one. And in the light of the providers of content marketing services such as what Zapro offers, content comes in many shapes and sizes.

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