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Impact Of Content Quality Vs Quantity In Website Optimisation

Always Choose Content Quality… But a lot of it!

Many of us grew up with the saying-‘Always choose quality over quantity’.  In terms of website optimisation-this rings infinitely true.  Therefore, making sure you produce quality content is a must. Although, creating a lot of content and posting it on many channels of social media can only increase the reach of that quality. This means that content quantity is the shoulders on which content quality can stand on to gain reach.

Content Quality in Terms of Website Optimisation


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Content quality is what makes potential clients and customers trust your services or product. If your website can’t generate useful and original content then why would those visiting it trust your service or product?

The content itself is important because it is an example of the professionalism and usefulness of your business or website.

Content Quantity in Terms of Website Optimisation


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Posting a lot of content in shorts intervals of time is very useful.  It is a great way to get an audience coming back as well as to gain reach.

This means content quantity plays a vital role in gaining traffic as well as perhaps new clients and customers. The problem is if your content quality is low, you probably won’t gain long-term visitors.

On top of that, although SEO is incredibly important, Google will penalize you for using too many keywords. Wix, the online web creation platform reiterates the idea that keywords should always be organic.

Find Balance by Creating a Budget and Deadlines

Content quality is important and you heighten its impact through quantity. The trick is to find a balance between the two. You want to post lots of content without affecting the quality of it. You can do this by creating a budget and deadlines that find equilibrium between content quality and content quantity. From there you play around and see what works for you and your business.

Furthermore, having a staging area on WordPress where you can test your content is a great way to heighten readability. It can also help you not overdo the number of keywords. This will heighten the quality of the content significantly in perhaps a shorter space of time.

In Conclusion

Quality and Quantity in content both have a large impact in terms of growing traffic.  Although, in order to heighten the qualities’ impact, you need to make sure that there is a lot of content. Not only that but a lot of content on a regular basis as well as SEO marketing services that can help you get the balance just right!