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Web platform

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Artificial Intelligence | UI & UX Design | Digital Marketing Web Development | Optimisation

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SRHives Ltd.

ERP software present a higher degree of difficulty. Every action can affect everything else and making sure everything goes smoothly requires lots of focus and dedication.

Zac Rodes - Creative Business Strategist / Zapro Digital
Project type

Web platform

Services provided

Artificial Intelligence | UI & UX Design | Digital Marketing Web Development | Optimisation

Project owner

SRHives Ltd.

ERP software present a higher degree of difficulty. Every action can affect everything else and making sure everything goes smoothly requires lots of focus and dedication.

Zac Rodes - Creative Business Strategist / Zapro Digital


The project

SevenHives is a state-of-the-art cloud based platform dedicated to Business Automation. Depending on the client’s business and business needs, SevenHives offers 2 innovative cloud based platforms: a CRM and an ERP.

The SevenHives ERP software is intended to assist and automate the processes as much as possible for the businesses that interact with their clients on a level where the financial transactions can be performed on the spot and managed through the cloud, thus enabling the need of a deeper financial management opportunities as well as a POS system, fitted with the standard barcode scanner, receipt printer and a direct link to the business’ inventory and warehouse.
Making use of features such as Artificial Intelligence, Contextual Validations, general Workflow Automations, Bots and Natural Language Interfaces, this forward-thinking software aims to learn your business needs and processes and automate them in a way that feels natural and that evolves along with your company.


The challenge

To ensure the quality and compliance of the ERP platform, Zapro Digital did an extensive research of the target market. We searched for all potential issues that a company might encounter while using this kind of software and narrowed the Business Automation challenges down to four major issues:

Automation Scale

How much is too much?
That is one of the biggest challenges we face when automating a business is to know what needs to be completed by the software and how much human input needs to be allowed. Finding the right ballance between man and machine is never easy. The software must be helpful, while still allowing the user to be in control; The software must perform automatic processes and get involved in the everyday functionality of the business, while leaving the final decision making to the user; The software must learn the user’s behaviour and in time automate the repetitive tasks without becoming invasive.

Consistent Customer Experience

As a portable software, it must allow the user to have a unified experience, regardless if they stand in front of a POS or if they take the ERP with them on a laptop or a tablet. The software must successfully emulate the missing pieces of hardware that a POS has (barcode scanner, receipt printer, etc) in a way that feels natural.

Flexible Workflow Style

Different businesses have different needs, sometimes up to the point where the only connection between their workflows is that they both generate income. With that in mind, we had to identify the workflows and create a system that can be tailored to each company and their individual requirements, without sacrificing the quality of the platform or the strength of the automation process.

Moving Away from Legacy Applications

With so many ERP platforms on the market that use a “one-size-fits-all” approach, creating a platform that targets business-specific requirements seem almost impossible to achieve. Businesses in need of this kind of software are already using this legacy applications and the oppinions on their capabilities are divided. Therefore, the main question in this case is: how do we get the companies used to these legacy applications and show them there is a better way, one that targets their business needs and only their business needs.


Our solution

To ensure compliance and business oriented flows, the SevenHives ERP solution is highly customizable and modular. This allows for each client to personalize their own experience and tailor it to their own company resources and requirements.

We built a system that understands the business logic and learns the client behaviours

Inventory and Supply Chain Management

Our System allows manufacturing and distribution businesses the ability to gain greater visibility into all operations while increasing speed, efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.

SevenHives cover details related to Supplier and give you the clear picture of Purchasing, handles your suppliers which includes credits and cash flow, SevenHives gives the report on a click what exactly is pending with your customers apart from this whatever reports you need under this system it provides you on a click, SevenHives provides you an opportunity to get alerts related to supplier payments and even gives you the details of purchase returns.

Sales and Distribution

This module is closely integrated with other modules, which efficiently give you the detailed overview of available stocks, forecasts and etc.

Customer is King! And the customer satisfaction is utmost priority for any organisation, SevenHives is the key towards your customer retention, it manages your all activities related to Marketing and Sales activities like discount offers, any kind of promotion and many more. We provide you accurate solution and efficient flow of information.

Product and Purchase

An intelligent and robust product and purchase management module is the key in ample sectors, SevenHives has an appropriate solution while managing your products and purchasing procedures.

Our ERP system guides you exactly from whom you are buying? What you are buying? The key factor is cost findings along with delivery time and procedures. SevenHives overcomes the problem of managing the product stocking even with high volumes, which leads towards the profitability for your organization.

The intelligence of SevenHives ERP it will smooth your product and purchasing procedures from buying till payments, with UOM capabilities, unique product identification, stock projections, centralize your purchase orders to generate and logistics with account details.

Manufacturing and Materials

The Manufacturing and material management module in SevenHives helps you to maintain multi-level Bill of Materials (BOMs) for your Items.
It helps in product costing, production planning, creating production orders for your manufacturing shop floors and planning inventory by getting your material requirement via Bill of material/material requirement planning.

Our system provides you an ease to enter your data once and it fetches all future insertions automatically. Operations will be smooth and you can change your workstations, time and all attributes with a click.

Warehouse and Stocks

Material flow can manage by covering all pre requisites which includes stock tracking, delivery notes and even purchase receipts if you requires to re order the items Having SevenHives in your esteemed organization, structure can be defined as location for storage in warehouse. This will guide you the sections of storage or another alternative which is selected by management of concerns. SevenHives give the navigation to your work force which will help to improve time management and manage deliveries on time with reports and receipts.

Human Resources

Rules are defined for the companies to deduct the taxes from employee payrolls. SevenHives manages all types of taxes and their calculation. It maintains a complete employee database including contact information, salary details, attendance, performance evaluation, and appraisal records.

Accounts and FInance

Your Financial Management tool makes it easy to keep track of your accounts by providing a series of charts on Group level, Project level or Unit level, each of these being accompanied by an individually tailored financial statement.

You can oversee everything related to Expenses (travel, salaries, telephone bills, etc), keep track of all your Taxes (VAT, Sales tax) that are tailored for each country and even keep track of your Sales (organised by sale types) and Assets (like building, machinery, furniture, etc).

Staying up-to-date with every financial information related to your company has never been easier and, since we are talking about a Cloud Based software, your location is no longer an obstacle. All you need is an internet connection.

Point of Sale

Our POS module is seamlessly integrated with SevenHives ERP in standard form or even with advance features. This will overcomes your burden of different third party integration, it is far intelligent, which cares your business like you and gives you all kind of reports which requires.

It has very intuitive and User Friendly interface, which can be handled by basic cashier operations to online orders. You can handle or communicate with external payment systems, can offer vouchers or even manages loyalty cards to create and affliction with your customers.

It manages your inventory on ingredient level as well as on product level.

SevenHives is a perfect answer for all retail businesses, which is cloud based and gives you all which you requires to run your business effectively or even communication systems with ease.