03 Business Continuity

Businesses without a contingency plan for the event of a severe disruption of IT systems, are exposed to a risk of losing substantial revenue from the business coming to a standstill. We have a clear understanding, and work diligently to emphasise the importance of having a plan for all of our customers, partners and any organisation. The best response to a disaster is having a disaster recovery solution in place, which will provide you with the absolute minimum disruption to your business.

  • Continuity Plan/Strategy

    We will work with you to take inventory of all your hardware and software. Once that is in place, we can form a process checklist to bring your system back to full operation.

  • Resource Planning

    With our partnership and experience with a wide range of vendors, we can prepare to respond immediately to deliver on resources required to rebuild your system back to full operation..

  • Disaster Recovery Solutions

    We can construct an alternative site to replicate all your key services that you have set up already. This will be ready to start working immediately in the event of a disaster scenario. We will routinely perform tests and invoke a practice disaster scenario to ensure the solution is fit for purpose.