To increase efficiency, stability in processes and productivity, reduce costs and paperwork as well as eliminate human errors as much as possible, forward-thinking companies automate recurring business processes by assigning them to a digital system.

ERP Software

In order to stay competitive and profitable in the manufacturing industry and meet increasing expectations, manufacturers need to seize every opportunity. Sevenhives ERP offers features to manage company data and streamline key operations such as purchasing, production planning, inventory management and payroll.

Sevenhives gives you the ability to get a complete overview of all functions and key tasks such as stock availability, replenishment, procurement and sales, all in one place and in real-time. We are offering a precise solution for any organisation looking for the capability of integrating different business methods and grow their business, while increasing their overall ROI.

Inventory management is automated and linked to your website to ensure stock availability for your customers. We offer a user-friendly mobile in-house Point of Sales solution with the latest hardware and touchscreen, which is fully integrated with the Sevenhives ERP software.

CRM Software

SevenHives CRM has the power to bring your team closer to those who are interested in your products or services and assist your team with the entire lifecycle of a Lead, from its creation to its conversion.

We believe that a properly organised Customer Database is an integral component of your business’ success. With this in mind, our CRM gives you the tools to manage your clients, contacts and prospects, keeping track of their user journey and their entire history of calls, meetings, opportunities and other actions that your team deems necessary to close a successful sale.

All your communication channels, emails, calls and even your Social Media are centralised within an easy-to-use interface, where you can manage these channels and ensure your life and your business profile grow bigger and better, day-by-day.

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1 Fore Street | London | EC2Y 9DT