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Brand Design: Tips for Creating An Identity That Works

  • 28.Sep.2017
  • Graphic design

Brand Design: Create An Identity That Works For You

Effective brand design allows interaction with your customers in a way which converts them into real-time fans and brand users. But having a website and logo designed never ensures that your brand is really going to be viral.

You need to follow the demands of your audience to go viral. Let me guide you on a few simple rules for effective brand recognition.

Give Your Brand a Visual Identity

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It’s good brand recognition when you demonstrate great visual identity for your business or services. But what makes ‘a great brand identity’?

It is the blend of design elements working together to form unity and consistency throughout your brand design. Figure out what you want your audience to perceive and reflect it through your visual appearance.

Get a Good Mix on Your Logo

A logo is the main gateway for your brand; if well researched, well planned and well designed, it needs to replicate the core of your brand, products or services. You can go for as complicated logo design as you can or you could also prefer a very simple one. The key is for it to be a symbolical representation of your brand through a good mix of visuals and words.

Add More Muscle Flexibility with an Alternate Mark

Normally, a logo is the combination of symbols, words and numeric accompanying the main message for your brand. It, therefore, cannot be used as is within the visual identity for your brand. Having an alternate mark similar to your logo can add more muscle power flexibility for you to utilize it throughout your design. It won’t just aid you in your brand design, rather it would enable you to use it further in your brand marketing.

Implement an Attractive Color Theme

Do your research, know your audience, know your competition and implement a color scheme that makes your brand stand out. Use colors, which fabricate your products or services interesting for your audience. Own your color theme and stay consistent throughout your brand design by keeping uniform color scheme across all customer interactive platforms.

“This is how you have to maintain your visual identity for your business.”

Don’t Neglect Typography & Extended Visual Language

Brand design Zapro

Logos, alternate marks or color themes cannot breathe life into your brand’s visual identity unless you have an interactive content implementation.

  • Select a typeface that is complementary to your logo,
  • Choose a colour theme and other design elements.
  • Consider using your main typeface for your main headlines while adding a contrasting one for other sections.

Do not limit yourself to logos or color themes. Add more of the right energy to your brand design by using further visual language. Style your icons and other graphical elements in a way that makes them uniquely linked to your brand.

All in all, you have to keep all your major design elements synchronized together as a complete identity either you are having any web design agency on board.

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