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Boost Your Law Firm’s Organic Visibility for More Potential Clients

  • 06.Mar.2018
  • Strategic Consulting

What is Meant with Organic Visibility?

How can you improve your website’s visibility on the internet? Organically. A term which you probably associate with healthier eating habits. And, no, it’s not about the food you eat. With the term organic visibility, we want to discuss a few ways in which you can drive more traffic to your law firms website in a natural way. Seems impossible? Let’s start with SEO

The best advice we can give you is to put yourself to the test. Search for yourself in Google. Not by the name of your firm, but rather type “lawyer in _____ (and then insert the name of your town or city here)”. Does your law firms’ website appear on the first page of the results? Is it in the top 3?

Unfortunately, users very rarely page past the first display or results. So if your law firms website does not display on the first page at the very least, how will your potential customers know how to find you?

Organic Zapro

Here are a few tips:

Localize your SEO

It only makes sense that you want to make your law firm’s website available to people in your region. Geographic searches are at the top of the list when it comes to improving your SEO. In very simple terms, you can add your location like the name of your city and or town to the content of your web pages. Especially the landing page and inside the names of the pages of your website. Also include your location name in the meta data of each page as well. Search engines look for such data to display results organically. For example if you have used the words Law Firm UK, your page might display in the results to people whom are searching for Law Firm UK.

Keep your Content Fresh

Since the inclusion of real time search results in the Google algorithms, fresh relevant content is essential. Organic results are based on updated content of your law firm’s website as well as our law firm’s social media pages – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Leverage off the Power of Social Media

Social media is important for building relationships because this is where your prospects are every day. A recent comScore study indicated that a 100% of internet user between the ages 18-34, and 92% of prospects over the age of 35 are on Facebook an average of 30 minutes every day. This is evidently where your prospective clients can be found.

Regular social media interactions are now equally important for organic search optimization. Posting content to Facebook on a regular basis will broaden both your online visibility and your appeal to prospects in your groups and among your followers.

Review your own website and decide for yourself

Here are a few contributory factors to improve the performance of your website, and in turn organic traffic.
Approach your website as a search engine would and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you find your website’s design appealing and professional?
  • Can you easily navigate around the site and access important information via searches?
  • Are all the links working? Are you investing in active link building with other influencers?
  • Is my content current, easy to read and relevant?
  • Are online tasks (such as subscriptions) intuitive and easily managed?
  • Are my download times reasonable?Organic Zapro

In Conclusion

We think organic traffic to your website is a visible and valuable method can assist your law firm greatly in gaining more clients. Another method you can thus use to grow your business.

The truth is, there exists a wide range of strategies to improve your website’s visibility on the internet, of which the above are only a few tips. Zapro Digital offers a specialist’s knowledge of SEO techniques & organic search services with which we can assist your law firm with an effective SEO plan.

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