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Benefits of Local Citations in SEO for Startups

  • 13.12.2017
  • Digital Optimization

Benefits of Local Citations in SEO for Startups

What are Local Citations and Why are They Important?

The ‘all-in-one marketing tool-kit’, SEMrush, claims that research from Google shows that most consumers search for local services online. Local citations, thus, help the startups to grow faster.

Local citations are where your business name and business information appear on other websites such as business directories. For example, your address or business hours may appear on a local citation. They are important for many reasons. Two reasons include being found online and offline as well as building a good reputation.

Start-ups, especially, are in need of these two great benefits.


Local Citations Make Your Startup Easier to Find through Local Search Visibility

Where would you locate your business and where would you put the signs? Would you build your startup in the middle of nowhere? No. You would probably place your startup in an area where people would be walking past. Would you place the sign behind the building? Of course not. You would want to make sure it catches the eye of every passer-by.

By ignoring local citations, you are placing your business in the middle of nowhere with no sign whatsoever. Therefore, your local search visibility dwindles.

Local citations heighten your ranking on Google. This means they make you more discoverable to potential customers in your area. You can also list them on platforms that are specific to your industry. Furthermore, Google Maps makes your actual building or space much easier to find.

This local search visibility will increase your chances of online and foot traffic.

Local Citations in SEO Affect your Reputation

Local citations in SEO affect your reputation in many ways.  This is based on the reliability of the information you provide as well as the reviews left on websites such as Yelp.

According to the SEO consulting company MOZ, If your information is not correct, this can lead to unhappy customers. For example, your opening hours could be wrong.  A customer may then arrive at your business to find it closed. You can almost be sure they will leave a negative review on some part of the internet.

On the other hand, if you provide efficient information, quality products, and service, your local citations can only help your reputation soar.


In conclusion

At the end of the day, startups need to be discovered as well as build a good reputation. If no one in your area is even aware of your business—what good is that? If they are, first impressions count because the reputation it builds over time is what makes or breaks startups.   Build a great reputation for your startup by allowing Zapro assist you with SEO services London.