Factors Which Influence Zapro Mobile Web Design: Key Design Values

App development companies: So we think it’s time to face the facts: 80% of internet users now own smartphones (source: GlobalWebIndex), and more than half of all consumption of digital media happens on mobile devices
core). If that’s not enough to convince you that having a mobile-friendly website for your business is an absolute must, there’s also Google to consider and we get back to this very point later in the discussion.app development companies
To start let us consider the 7 old favorites with a fresh eye for design:

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Keep It Authentic

What are you offering that nobody else is, right? How can our app developer make you stand apart from the crowd? Online marketing used to be about quantity. Today, being found online requires quality, content, and authenticity.
Authenticity is being human. It’s that simple. It has nothing to do with being original or unique. Professional content marketing is selling the human in your business to the humans who buy from your business. Ryan Hanley, TrustedChoice.com. app development companies

Declutter Your Stuff

By decluttering your website we get a chance to focus your readers on what is really important: your product or service. What is it that you are offering the world? Make your offerings easy to see and even more importantly easy to buy.

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Using enhanced menu items and a clear navigation bar at the top of bottom half of the screen. This makes it easy for your users to quickly select which option they’re interested in learning more about.
Zapro employs action buttons such as Buy Now Add to Cart, Inquire here, etc. to prompt your user into action and direct them to where you want them to go with as few clicks as possible.

Use Beautiful Imagery

This best practice obviously ties in with the point above even if it seems obvious it is none the less an essential consideration and often overlooked. Imagery is a way of selling information. Creating high-quality imagery; size it right and most important of all: keep images relevant.
Whatever your site goals are and whatever you want to say, its worth making sure your image choices are saying the same thing as your words and that your general design is optimized for a pleasant experience. That is what we do best.app development companies

Get a Toolbox

Choose a website builder that is right for you. Many tools online are available for free for app development, and they contain loads of templates and themes so you can put your website together exactly as you want.
Often we find there is an array of free tools available online, but once you start employing them shortfalls in scalability or design constraints can stop you right in your tracks. Do your homework and invest in the right company for the job even if it is not for cheap! Your brand is worth everything.

No-no Video

Zapro Graphic Designers recognize that complex design components like video and animations could significantly affect page load time, among other difficulties. We suggest your mobile web design should be a simpler version of their desktop counterparts, and it’s possible to keep it simple but still beautifully designed.

App development companies Zapro

Test it Out

You are not going to buy a car without taking it for a test drive, right? The same would be applicable to our mobile and other web design services. Top graphic design companies take their creations for a test drive. They view the efficiency on multiple devices, different platforms, and web browsers as well as multiple resolutions. Design website agencies like ourselves will test our web design on Android, Apple, and Windows
Does it look as good on a 7-inch as a big screen TV? Is your website scalable, is the resolution of your images sufficient and can you add to your design as your business grows?

The Google Angle – SEO

So we get back to where we started: there’s always Google to consider. In April of 2015, Google released its “mobile-friendly” algorithm update, which made mobile-friendliness a much stronger ranking factor for mobile searches. In turn, many websites that weren’t optimized for mobile saw their search rankings plummet. Questions you should be asking about SEO:

Important Notes

1. Finally, How can I analyze my website to make sure it’s mobile-friendly?
2. What are the differences between responsive design, dynamic serving, and mobile-only sites? What steps can I take to optimize my website’s mobile-friendliness?
Food for thought? In conclusion, it would be really pointless to elaborate on one best practice without mentioning another for example; mentioning that good images sell without adding that the images should be revolutionized appropriately thus tying it in with scalability and 6. Testing it out.
The final word? All the above combined together, any best web design company can help you design a mobile website that can stand the test of time. Perhaps then we can ask ourselves: Where to next for graphic design and digital design?

Written by Jennifer Connell