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How Can You Use Your Favorite Tool Shortcuts In Android Studio?

Android Apps & Shortcuts

As an android apps developer, your productivity can be improved drastically with the use of keyboard shortcuts. On the whole, we find these time-saving features worthy of sharing. We want to write less code and make every keystroke count.

Everyone likes to increase their productivity and everyone has their own favorite productivity hacks, but not everyone agrees! Here is our roundup of the worthy ones, as well as where you can find the entire list straight from the source. (read to the end of the article to find out).

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Most Important Shortcut According To Us

The most important shortcut to remember in Android Studio is CTRL-SHIFT-A (or CMD-SHIFT-A if you’re working on Mac). When using this shortcut, you can just type keywords and actions and options will be available for each selection. We find this is a great way to start using new features. And it’s easy to remember!

Here Is A Short List Of Common And Very Useful Shortcuts For Every Developer’s Toolkit

Description Windows/Linux Mac
Override methods Control + O Control + O
Synchronize Control + Alt + Y Command + Option + Y
Reformat code Control + Alt + L Command + Option + L
Toggle project tool window visibility Alt + 1 Command + 1
Navigate between open editor tabs Alt + Right/Left Arrow Control + Right/Left Arrow
Navigate between open editor tabs Alt + Right/Left Arrow Control + Right/Left Arrow
Build Control + F9 Command + F9
Build and run Shift + F10 Control + R
Commit project to VCS Control + K Command + K
View recent changes Alt + Shift + C Option + Shift + C

Insert Live Templates With The Tab Key

In particular, live templates allow you to enter code snippets for fast insertion. This essential productivity tip will help you complete small chunks of code quickly. To insert a live template, type the template abbreviation and press the Tab key. For example, the new Instance abbreviation followed by Tab inserts the code for a new fragment instance with argument placeholders.

In essence, Android Studio inserts the code snippet associated with the template into your code. It is helpful if you get to know your template abbreviations.  Our developers say: “Live templates are insanely useful. The more you use them, the better you will get”.

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New To Using Shortcuts In Android Studio?

Read our favorite article on this matter by MrEngineer13Top 10 Android Studio keyboard shortcuts. A must read for newbies.

Want it all? All the keyboard shortcuts are available from the source of course.

The official Android Studio resource on the web – not only gives us the entire list, but also details on how to create your own.

In conclusion

There are obviously many more tips, optimizations, shortcuts to know and use. Using tools and shortcuts in Android Studio will help improve your productivity in your Android apps development, and thus the reason for this article is to point you in that direction. For the best suggestions, you can always schedule a consultation to get expert’s opinion.

Keep an eye out for upcoming articles later this week where we will elaborate on top 6 mobile application (Android apps) developer resources on the web.

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