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Android App Development: Tips to Boost Organic Ranking

Android App Development & Marketing: What They Have in Common

Generally speaking, Android is the most popular mobile OS platform. With android app development on the rise,  Google Play Store boasts with a staggering 3.5 million apps at the end of December 2017.

With so many apps on offer, the question then arises; how would you be able to promote your app to the top of the list? And more importantly, how can you develop your app so as to improve the organic ranking automatically?

Building an Android App According to the Recent Marketing Trends

Stats show that apps developed according to the marketing perspective get 40% more downloads than the apps without it. One method of android app development which can assist with marketing is the inclusion of push notifications. Another means for promotion is getting users to rate your app. It makes sense then for app development companies to develop mobile applications that have interesting features and awesome UI design. This will engage customers, rank high among contemporaries and result in more organic ranking. Thus increasing its credibility.

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Boost Your Organic Ranking with these 5 Prolific Tips Practiced by app development companies UK:

Top Tip: Social Media Matters

Social media is a great platform to maintain a transparent relationship with your consumers. Social media is proven to be a powerful communication tool for both the mobile application developers and as well as the users. App development companies can post about the recent updates and the change logs done in the app on their social pages. In turn, social media also provides a mechanism by which valuable feedback may be collected from users, speeding up the app review and suggestion process so necessary for organic ranking.

Social media engagement can also assist those engaging in android app development to increase their brand awareness. A prime opportunity to capture the uniqueness of your brand and connect with your audience while they use your app!

Focus on: Feature rich functionality and descriptions

Every developer must understand the system of organic rankings in Google Play Store and the App Store. As ratings are based on an app’s usage rate, the Android app development process should concentrate on developing the app which will have a higher user ratio. A good way to achieve this would be to load the Android app description with key features to entice optimum exposure in the Google Play Store. Additionally, a high usage ratio also refers to the way the app keeps users interested and coming back at regular intervals. Either to update the app or learn more features or participate in associated online activities.

Winning strategy: Create a winning interface

Many an app development process concentrates on the user interface and for good reason. The popularity of any mobile application is greatly influenced by its sharp and unique interface. As every aspect of rating an app is interlinked, the design of an app comes a close second to usability in getting top organic ratings. An aptly designed user interface adds to the usability of the app and thus the ratings. The corresponding development to support it will help to provide a wonderful and a more complete experience to users in general as well.

Customer care: Benefit your customer and they will benefit you

In certain cases apps which address the consumer directly fare a lot better in the market than their contemporaries. Why? Because when consumers feel like their opinion and loyalty is valued they become easier to retain. And customer retention is the most important aspect. Whether you are looking to develop an app for Android or any other platform. Include additional benefits suited to the individual needs of the user. Make them visible, make them count. Offer value to consumers for their feedback, input and most importantly offer the support that can make a difference in marketing margins.

You should not miss out the other reasons why app development is essential for business growth!

Live and Learn: Making every app better than the last and link them to each other

Better previous assignments lead to better future ones! Learn what works for your audience and use that as the blueprint for the future development processes as well. Also, include click-through links so that the users can try out other apps. This can increase your app downloads and usage per app.

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In conclusion

App development companies should have a competent marketing strategy and keep an eagle’s eye on the process of app development as well. Keeping up to date with the trends is imperative in any technological game. Adding features to enhance the marketability of your mobile application can give an edge and improve organic ranking tremendously.