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AI and Consciousness: Seeing Through the Eyes of a Robot

  • 06.06.2018
  • Artificial Intelligence

AI and Consciousness: Seeing Through the Eyes of a Robot

Interacting with AI: A Conversation with Sarah.

“Good Morning Robert. It’s 5:30 am. Your first meeting today is at 9 am. Would you like to lie in for a bit longer or would you like me to send you your meal plan for breakfast options?”

“Hi Sarah, please give me my breakfast options?”

“Great. Based on your activities today, here are some options for optimal nutrition, with a focus on improving concentration and energy levels until lunch time”

“Thank you, Sarah. What are your recommendations for my trades?”

“Statistics show a steady growth this morning, however, I have had a look at various opinion-based articles, news feeds, political climates, and social media discussions, and the predictions indicate a 2% drop by this afternoon. Would you like me to sell?”

“Thank You Sarah, please go ahead.”

“Sure, thing Robert. Furthermore, I have gone over your stock reports and tracking, everything is in order for distribution. However, you will need to purchase new stock by the end of the quarter. Based on current data, and given the CRM feedback showing a positive increase, I recommend an increase of purchase. I have sent you a list of suppliers whose prices are more compatible.

During my analyses of your CRM, there are 2 customers requesting a customized package. I have sent you the information. Would you like me to respond on your behalf?”

“Thanks, I will speak to them personally,”

“Ok. Robert. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“Adele’s birthday is coming up, I am not sure what to get her?”

“That’s right, Adele’s birthday is next week Thursday. She posted a picture of an antique vase 3 weeks ago, from a little antique store in high street. Would you like me to call the store to check price and availability? Correspondingly, I have done an image comparison search. It appears to be a Vintage Japanese Imari Vase, valued at £100.”


Where Would We Be Without AI?

It’s incredible to realize that the above conversation happened between a Human and a robot, right?

Already AI and Machine Learning Applications and Virtual Assistants like Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Assistant, that have recently changed the game with incredibly human-like engaging and interaction, and many of these functionalities are already available.

By comparison, every day the advancements of AI and its applications are increasing at an exponential rate. Similarly it is possible that within a short space of time your virtual personal assistant will be able to perform all the tasks discussed between Robert and Sarah above – and more.

With this in mind, one can certainly see how the benefits of AI are applied in our personal and day to day lives, but a considerable bonus is the implementation in Business IT Solutions.

In essence, AI is set to have a major impact on business growth. Considering the many capabilities like customer engagement, accurate data analytics, quick response rates and accurate feedback potentials.


AI and Consciousness: The Great Debate

For the most part, Artificial Intelligence is designed to use incredible amounts of data to analyze and solve problems. Artificial intelligence’s function is to constantly better its own learning and become smarter after all.

With the introduction of Google Assistant and of course Sophia the Robot the question is, will Artificial Intelligence be able to learn how to become self-aware considering the incredible rate it is able to gather information?

In Conclusion

All things considered, the good news is that we doubt AI will develop any malicious or evil intentions unless otherwise programmed to, and as the philosophy of human consciousness and self-awareness is simply so complex, we think AI has a while to go before they start to fully and then apply human consciousness into their programming.

In the mean time we can look forward to our Day to day lives being made a little easier, our businesses running smoother, and exciting, innovative applications of AI to make the world a better place. There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence Will Change Decision Making For Businesses.