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5 App Metrics that Improve your App Analytics

  • 13.03.2018
  • Mobile technology

5 App Metrics that Improve your App Analytics

App Metrics: Using Feedback to Improve your App Analytics

Every app development team wants their app to do well. Luckily, app metrics are wonderful at improving your app in terms of performance and marketing.  This is because they provide a constant feedback loop.  Metrics allow us to find gaps through feedback and respond accordingly.

Metrics for General Performance Feedback

Speedy Gonzalez

We live in a fast-paced society. This means application speed is incredibly important. After all, what do apps exist for if not to provide what would usually be a longer process, into a quick, easy and small package?

It’s a crash landing!

A perfect way to annoy a user is to design an application that crashes at the slight sound of a sneeze.

Of course, no developer will purposefully create an app of this nature. This is why it is important to focus on metrics that are concerned with crashes. The website sees that you should focus on this during the development process. This is so that you can avoid as many crashes as possible once the app is being used.

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Metrics for User Feedback

Tell me what you want-what you really really want

Customers or users are the lifeblood of any application service so gaining direct feedback from them in is a great way to understand gaps in your app. Developers can sometimes overlook certain aspects that the average user needs. This means that giving customers the opportunity to rate or comment on your app is a direct line to knowing what your target market is looking for.

Waiting to download…

According to, being aware of the number of downloads or units of your app is a signal as to how well your marketing campaign is doing.

Therefore, gaining this knowledge through the use of app analytics can help you effectively ‘up your game’ on the marketing side.

Of course, downloading is simply the beginning. One must also look into metrics that focus on many aspects. For example, how much time a user spends on the app.

“I won’t be impressed with technology until I can download food”-Bill Murray

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Go to the Source

Knowing which sources or websites, social platforms or general areas on the internet most of your app users come from can assist you in understanding where to put more of your advertising focus.

App Store Analytic, Instabug and Crashylitics can all help you in many of the mentioned areas.

Conclusively, receiving useful information is what app metrics are for. How you use this information is completely up to you. Zapro Digital is a committed web development service provider that will help you develop an app that will have everyone clicking that download button!