Design. Develop. Deploy

It is generally known that the road to success is not an easy one. That is why we are putting all our skill and knowledge in your service, and focus solely on helping your idea become reality.

Whether you are a start-up or a long lasting company, we can help you take your business to the next level. We are your trusted partner every step of the way.

Artificial Intelligence

In this Cognitive age, automatic support solutions with artificial intelligence is the call of the day for every forward-thinking company. Zapro has invested to a large extent in resources to develop Contextual chat bot solutions to work across the sales and support channels of your service or retail business.

Key features of our bots


We have always done user oriented design differently. Re-designing a web platform, a mobile app or a plugin is not much of a challenge and we think that everyone is capable of doing it. However, at Zapro Digital, we do not stop just at re-using the same assets and standard over and over again. Our goal is to help you, as we already helped other happy clients by taking your project one step further and realising innovative and bold web solutions to boost your business.

From strategy, design and development, through to the final implementation, we will assist you in building a powerful online presence. In a world where mobile is ever stronger, web done right is more relevant than ever.

Start-up Incubation

Zapro takes a flexible and tailored approach towards incubation and acceleration of start-ups. We have our partnership approach in place together with transparency of our cost invested in the project to successfully take it off the ground. We are ready when you are by continuing to provide the support you need as your partner until you are ready to take off. Your success is a testament to our efforts and continued assistance.

We offer our expertise for any sector and in particular

Strategic consulting

Whether B2B, B2C or B2E, we start and finish with your business goals. Our dedicated digital practitioners work with you to bring your company’s digital strategy to life, helping you to meet the realities of today and tomorrow. This isn’t a technology exercise - It is a business imperative.

IT Outsourcing

We know how time consuming is and the risk related to employing developers from your region. That is why we want to help you lower your costs and limit those risks. For this purpose, we offer you the option to outsource your software development in order to facilitate progress and free your team from part of the work.

Native mobile apps

It’s not all bright and shiny apps - though we do get excited about inventive interfaces and exquisite UX. From extending the reach of legacy apps to cashing in on mCommerce, we aim to deliver mobile solutions that will please your users and appeal to your decision makers. An it doesn’t even matter if you target the Apple store or the Android store, smart phone or tablet…we can handle all of them.


There is an enormous amount of data up for grabs, from word-to-mouth tracking, to social influence, mobile behaviour, purchase-to-order, and many more. But how can you make this meningful and actionable? Zapro Digital’s insights help you with the collection and understanding of the relevant data and convert it into a more satisfying customer experience.

Managed IT Infrastructure and Security

We offer a complete, round-the-clock solution of IT system management, with professional level of system performance, stability and the support from a highly trained team at a predictable per-user cost – a fraction of the cost and hassle of doing it in-house. Zapro managed services reduce disruptions and are fully scalable and customized to your IT needs. This is your solution to a more productive and efficient business.IT infrastructure management and technology issues not only divert your internal team’s capacity away from your core business, they can cause downtime, lost productivity and unnecessary expense. They can even jeopardize your compliance posture. We offer: