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The Game-Changer of the Driving Tuition Industry

Release date: 2017-10-02

Visually Attractive, Intuitive and Forward-thinking are just the most obvious features of PASSO. Due to the high cost of passing a driving license test and the unacceptable low pass rate, employing behavioural modelling and quantifiable feedback seems like a must. This is the reason why PASSO came to be. This revolutionary platform allows learners to find the best instructor, perfectly suited for their needs, while getting real feedback for their driving skills and driving behaviour, simultaneously also allowing the instructors to manage their time and finances. The general, yet simple idea behind the creation of PASSO is a constant desire need to make the UK roads safer.


Giving a visually pleasing branding for PASSO is just as important as creating a fully functional system. People will remember a platform firstly by it’s logo and then by the actual product.

PASSO Logo Branding - Zapro Digital

Using a font based logo, our design experts chose to emphasyze the goal of the app, by highlighting the word “PASS”, while the letter “O”, resembling a wheel was highlighted in a green shade, perfectly resembling the passo purpose of helping lerners pass their driving test.

RGB 112 / 203 / 20 HEX 70CB13
RGB 255 / 255 / 255 HEX FFFFFF
RGB 55 / 59 / 68 HEX 373B44
RGB 245 / 166 / 35 HEX F6A623
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Ubuntu Regular


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