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Release date: 2017-10-10

Due to the many variables and administrative processes involved, renting out a high value prestige vehicle can most of the time be a challenging and tricky business.

Having previously successfully completed a similar product, demonstrating our understanding of the complexities of the industry, the owners of Elite Rides approached Zapro. We automate this tricky process along with the challenge of chauffeur management. Emphasis on this product being on incorporating short term insurance, rent agreements and vehicle inspection at the start and end of the rental period. Zapro Digital has developed Elite Rides on iOS, and web platform and maintained the customer experience throughout the platforms. Elite Rides is highly interactive when it comes to usability, it is very exciting and engaging in its User Experience.


Inspired by the Bentley logo, using the initials of the app name, the “E” and the “R” are arranged in such a way as to inspire luxury, while the thin lines used for this push the idea of luxury one step further.

Elite Rides Logo Branding - Zapro Digital

With fonts that are simple yet visually pleasing, the Lato font makes the perfect fit for a luxury cars rental service. The font varies from bold, to highlight the titles and other important elements, to light, to keep the luxurious theme. The combination of dark grey and wine red is used to display a royally looking system, with the pure white used to balance the dark colours offered by the grey and wine.

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Ubuntu Regular


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